Must Try Mighty Meatballs!

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How is it possible that I existed on earth for more than 25 years without having a meatball sandwich? And now- Meatball Mondays?

The last time my boyfriend went home, he had what he claimed were the best meatball subs he's ever had. Then, we were both wondering why they don't sell them here. So, we found a few recipes online to make our own. The first batch we made wasn't as good as we would have liked. Following a complicated recipe that called for beef and pork (when neither of us are fans of ground pork), wasn't as good as the ratings seemed to be.


Recently, we were watching a TV series (which I forget the name of now), and the main character ordered a meatball sub at a deli-Which ignited a new craving for them. So this time, we scoured far and wide to find a better recipe sans pork. And now I believe we won't ever need to search again.

Thanks to Steemit now, for allowing me to never lose this recipe- As I can just go back to my blogs and reread what I jotted down :)


If you never had meatballs this way before- I definitely suggest you give it a try. Make sure if at all possible you order non-local beef, as in my opinion imported beef from Australia or USA tasts much better (And more authentic to the recipes you'll be crafting).


Ingredients for the meatballs:

  • 1/2 kg, ground beef ( 85% lean, 15% fat)
  • 1 handful of day-old Italian bread soaked in milk and squeezed out
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup of breadcrumbs
  • 3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley
  • dash of salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes
  • marinara sauce

Ingredients for the garlic bread:

  • French bread
  • 5 cloves shaved garlic
  • butter
  • parsley

You will also need 500g of Pasta.


  • Sauté onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil just until it gets translucent, set aside t cool down before adding with the rest of the ingredients.


  • Pre-heat the oven to 200°c.
  • Once onions and garlic cooled down, add all the ingredients into a big bowl; meat, cheese, eggs, parsley, breadcrumbs, moist bread, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, onions, and garlic.


  • Mix well with your hands.


  • Divide into three meatballs and place in cast iron pan. If you don't have any cast iron pan at home, you can just place the meatballs in any baking pan. Bake for about 20 minutes but make sure to check the meatballs after 15 minutes to make sure that they're not burning. The temperature of your oven will depend on the type of oven you have at home. Make sure you set your timer.


  • Remove the meatballs from the oven, drain the oil and pour in the sauce.


  • Finish baking in the oven for about ten to twelve minutes. Set aside to cool down and bake the garlic bread.


Instructions for making the garlic bread:

  • Roughly chop the parsley. Shave the garlic and set aside. Melt the butter in a pan (do not bring to a boil) and add the shaved garlic.


  • Cut the French bread into four pieces.

  • Brush the melted butter onto the bread, coating it evenly.


  • Wrap with foil and bake the bread at 200°c for 10 minutes. Remove the bread from the oven, unwrap the foil and bake again for another 5 minutes. This will leave you with crispy baguette that's soft on the inside. ;)


Cook your Pasta:

  • Do this while your baking the bread. I cook my pasta for about 7 minutes and toss with a little olive oil after draining the water.

You can also use the same recipe to make smaller meatballs too if you want, just like we did a few days later. ^_-


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Karasa it combination Meat Balls & Garlic Bread! 😍
For sure it's tasty 😁. Gawa rin ako niyan haha, gaya gaya lang.
I'll your recipe,Ate.hehe pero baboy lat ak gagamiton kay mahal it beef.😂😁

they look like tatsty meat balls!

You are a lot of humorous people. You can write beautifully.realy nice comment. .......

Hehe, thank you @urme33.

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Man that looks so yummy,,, guess what I am making for dinner tonight... :) thanks for sharing

OMG, my friend i have neber had meat balls, i should probably write all of these down. I missed you and your meals.

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Honestly I hate tomatoes but looking at your pictures intrigues me to want to try your cooking.

I think if I prepared this I would switch the sauce for Alfredo or if I was making this with my boyfriend I would use a Garlic/Olive paste.

Hi, everyone! Thank you for the comments, I will read but I won't be able to reply, quite busy right now.

Sending some love!


well thos recipe is seems very very tasty like. It is really new for me and awesome thanks for share with use.

Hi @steemglass, how are you? It's me gerel. do you still remember?

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Great recipes @purepinay ! Very appetizing meatballs !;) I immediately wanted to eat!))


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very understandable that you will not be able to reply to everyone, you get a lot of comments

it looks really rich, it really provokes me, I'll try to see how it comes out, thanks for the recipe. ♥♥

i love u..

I wonder how Gordon Ramsey will react if he tastes great food prepared by Pure Filipina great post @purepinay

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This looks amazing. The recipe is very similar to authentic italian meatball recipes. Now I want meatballs...

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Thanks for sharing your recipes! It's a good thing you can cook and blog as well. I've got so many pictures of food I've been planning to post under my wife's account @nicecooking. We've been so busy that some recipes we just tried are close to being forgotten. Haha! Anyway, nice food presentation. Keep it up!

I've never had one that's pro-style like this one... But at Subway, this is my jam.

Ma tryan ta daw ini baga marasa man. Thank you for sharing your recipes and steps.
Very helpful for everyone!

hhehe, try nah! sure marasa iton.

Cge la kay tryan nam talaga ito. Itsura pala marasa na. Pati an bread👏👏

U are making my mouth water now.. It looks so great! thanks for sharing all ur yummy food and skillz with us.. I was very concerned about your nails, though, in that one pic of u mixing up the ingredients. =p

ay sarap naman. matry nga po ito minsan. panalong recipe. pero sana mukhang sisyal din pag ako gumawa. hehehe. thanks for sharing recipe miss @purepinay .
And thanks po sa support lage , God bless you more and more ❤️❤️❤️

hahaha. sis, lagyan mo ng dahun dahun magiging sosyal na yan. haha
musta pala?

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Lami cyang bayhana lami pajud magluto.

Mao bitaw, makatambok...

Dear friend @purepinay. how are you. thank you for sharing your recipes, i like your food photography, thank you for this post, i always with you. i all time support you and i always upvoted & resteemed your post. i am your very big fan. i can't forget you D:) @purepinay, last i say best of luck,

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awesome post,very good food,
my dear friend @purepinay,
i love this post all time,thank you for sharing with us,

Hello @purepinay gilaine, I love your blog as I'm a big fan of meat balls and big fan of yours too. Is this what we call bola-bola in our vernacular?

Looks interesting to cook for my Thai friends. I have to try this one soon. Thanks for this @purepinay. :)

Excellent food related post.....i always like your post........when i see your post then i very much hungry......... @purepinay
upvote done....

Now I’m starting. Those look awesome

Hi there! I love food and I love to eat! This summer I have extra hours to stay at home I would be one of those who will get bAck to this recipe and try it. I am getting excited na heheehe

Hmmmm, I need to motivate myself to cook! I'm sure I could make some super great stuff. And with Gilaine's help, mmmm :D

I love meatballs, but for some reason I have not made them.
Thanks for the reminder and the awesome recipe, I will have to make them soon.

My mouth was watering by the time I got to the final photos. Not enough people have tried meatball sandwiches!

I certainly have not :O And I have tried sandwiches made of a lot of stuff! Like banana.

Speaking of banana, I recently found out about sandwiches popular in Venezuela. They use fried green plantains instead of bread!

I think your right, I have tried a lot of food yet some how never had a meatball sandwich....

wow one new recipe.....looking so is also a brand new recipe for me... thanks for the recipe....i must want to try this food...meatballs size is so perfect.

Wow this looks delicious . Your recipe is very easy to follow. ^^ Thank you so much for sharing @purepinay . As always , you can share a lot of very informative posts . ^^ I am not a good cook but your instructions are very helpful . I will surely try to cook it soon .


They look truly delicious. I like a little lamb in my meatballs. Better than ground pork to my mind:)

Well I too have never tried a meatball before. Though it will be hard to get my hands on imported pork from Australia or USA, it wont be hard to get each of the enlisted requirements to prepare the meatballs.
Thanks @purepinay for giving us a chance to eat our very own meatballs.

Your recipe for making meatballs is quite different from other meatball I tasted. It's more healthier and delicious. Good for snacks or breakfast.

When i read your post article about meatball recipe i feel hungry it's long time i don't eat that meatball

Love ko lahat ng nakikita ko🤗 masisira pa ata planong diet hahahahha

Great step by step instructions for the meatballs @purepinay!
Amazing post with a delicious variety of food that goes well together! I make the meatballs a bit different so this is something i want to try out:) looks great! Looking forward for more😄

By the way, loved the nails!! ☄🤗

Giiiiiirl, this looks good. I am a vegetarian, but I have plenty of meat-eating friends who are gonna love this one. Thanks for sharing!

That looks so delicious. Your food blogs are awesome. Thank you for sharing the recipes, miss. :-)

Thank you for letting me know this wonderful dish, I will try to do it according to your instructions❤❤❤

Two of my favourite things. Garlic bread and meatballs. If only I had time to cook like that. I do know a few places that make this dish though. :)

Great food photography by the way.

You every time giving various foods recipe. This time about meatballs. I love much to meatballs. Your details very easy to prepare those food. Very delicious and spicy looks indeed @purepinay.

Oh My God! meatballs and exactly in afternoon (as it is afternoon here) seems the biggest desire come true :D i was outside and just came back and opened my laptop and saw your post in my feed. After gazing at the pictures of this wonderful thing meat balls my appetite has arose to it's peak.

Thank you so much for the directions and recipe @purepinay :)

Another foodie post.
I like the idea of making your memories permanent by jotting them down on Steemit. I too have started to write blogs of my trips because 5 years down the line we tend to forget half of the fun we had on a vacation.

Sounds interesting for the appetite. My eyes is full. Thanks for generously sharing this dish @purepinay. Shalom

Great step by step instructions

sarap naman nyan, healthy-meaty-goodness <3 <3

Wow nice food. You sure mix spices with hand. Overall, this is amazing.

This is very delicious sguro ate?

o my goodness... this post just made me so hungry... i would like to try them all :)

I will discuss your blog with my foody friend. Mumuy ummmh

hi [email protected] how are you.
i am new to steemit and your blog.
very nice food.i like it. thanka for sharing with us..

I think i'll try this! Thanks @purepinay for another food blogs! :)

Although Recipe ceplakan but it looks very good, Similar sambal ala chili pepper

Very tasty food
Eating delicious food

Dear friend how are you ....Thank you for sharing your wonderful's really good ..I like your food ..

i am also like to cook something like that

Anyway that's a nice food presentation ..thank you again ...keep it up

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