The most delicious dish I've ever eaten 🥧🇪🇸

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Paella is one of the most popular dishes all over the world. Actually, it was born in Spain, to be exact, in Valencia. There are a lot of different types and recipes of this delicious meal. For instance, Paella with sea food or just traditional Paella, etc. Also, there are special kinds of rice and a lot of spices types to cook Paella.

Almost every summer I go to Spain and eat delicious paella at list several times. For some reason in different places Paella has its own authentic incredible taste. Tastiest Paella that I have ever eaten was made by my aunt. She has been living in Spain for many years, which is probably why she cooks their traditional dish very well.

Last summer we traveled to my aunt and she cooked Paella specially for us that I took some photos which you can see below.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you liked it.

If you know some interesting facts about paella or new recipes of this dish, you can write it in comments :)

Thanks in advance for feedback!

With best wishes.


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