Trips and tips: Restaurant review in Thessaloniki city. Restaurant “To Charoupi” or Carob...

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This is a very good restaurant choice, if you ever visit Thessaloniki city, in the north of Greece. Lately, Thessaloniki has been experiencing a massive tourism attraction mainly from the Balkans and the East. In the past, Thessaloniki was famous for its cuisine as it had influences from Constantinople and the other Balkans. Now, it is difficult to find a place to satisfy the demanding palates. But not impossible!

Charoupi is a place that is inspired by Cretan cuisine, but I would basically name it Mediterranean cuisine. The entrees (olives and bread sticks) are surely Crete-inspired. The cherry tomatoes’ salad was very tasty, the olive oil was good, the cheese was tasty and light, the crumble was just as much.


Now this dish is basically greens cooked in a nice light sauce and light cheese. Very tasty and not something you can find every day..


The same stands with this salad that was a combination of Lebanese chickpeas, with sweet pumpkin, oranges, herbs and vegetables. Very good choice!


Classic rice dolmas (stuffed vine leaves): definitely a Greek plate you should try!


Mushrooms with pumpkin sauce and grilled haloumi cheese: Fortunately, these people knew how to cook and give the correct respect to mushrooms!


The steak: this was a typical black pig choice, nicely cooked – although with a lot of butter, overall satisfying!


The dessert was a treat: it consisted of ice cream and fried flakes of phyllo pastry with chocolate sauce and flakes of nuts. My only comment was that the frying was not so successful as you could taste the olive oil.


Overall, a very good experience. All of the above along with 8 glasses of wine came at the price of 100 euros. Not bad..!

Till next time, enjoy!



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