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        One of my New Year's Resolution is to try not to eat meat and see  if it makes any difference in how I feel.  If you know me, this is  really a big stretch for me. After all, I love meat, who doesn't like a big, juicy steak ?  I've grown up eating meat and chicken.  If you ask me  a while back , I would never have entertained a diet without meat , chicken, eggs, milk, and cheese. I would have thought you were crazy.  If you couldn't eat these foods, what would be the joy in eating.  Like you took away all the good stuffs.  What's left to eat that juicy and delicious? 

         But that is exactly what I did. I  have not eaten meat, chicken, eggs, or cheese since  Jan 1, 2018.  I feel so much better and have lost 7 lbs.  I just feel lighter and less bloated. Like my system is working more  fluidly and  efficiently.  Don't have that "sluggish" feeling that I  usually do . I  have more energy and  bounce to my step.  Nutritionist  say that not eating aforementioned foods will  decrease inflammation in your  body considerably. I can attest to this.  In fact,  what prompted me to adopt this diet was when my ankles and legs developed swelling and tightness.  I have never experienced swelling before.  I thought maybe I had gout or some circulatory problems. This scared the heck out of money and was a wake up call to take action and take control of  my diet regimen as well as my exercise regimen.  I did not want to be sick or to be diagnosed with a  pathological disease/ ailment.  It brought me to see that health really is your number one form of wealth.  You can have all the money in the world but if your health is bad, you are in trouble.  

           It's funny how we take our health for granted until something comes up to tell us otherwise.  I see so many people who are sick and  diagnosed with  a disease . Mostly all can be traced back to their unhealthy diet and  lack of exercise regimen.   Not caring what they eat and just being inactive and too sedentary in their lifestyle.

          Fish, fruits, and vegetables  are what I  have been consuming mostly.  Preparing wholesome foods at home and not eating out. This way I know the quality of the food and the preparation of the food. Just trying to be more wholesome and organic.  My body has reacted favorably and  I aim to maintain this diet through 2018.  Looking forward to this life changing  journey. 

          Funny thing is , I don't even crave or miss meat, chicken, eggs, milk, and  cheese.  I guess it is because I now know that one must  "eat to live and not live to eat!" 

          What do you guys think?  Can you live without meat?  Are you making health a priority in 2018?  Would love to hear from you. 


Nice job, going vegan and avoiding some pesticides will change the health of anyone for the better. You are a walking testimony to this :)

This is my second year as a full vegan, love it, the more I learned about biochemistry the more meat scared me.
Keep going and think about the suffering animals we spare as well, it´s always a bonus!

Good points and yeah, poor animals. Rounded up in "concentration camps" in deplorable conditions , made to suffer to have the honor of being serve at our table as the main course. Good grief!

mmm yummyy :) vote !