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Our goal at @freedomtribe is to support passionate content creators who are doing what they love! We promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms. Our only rule beyond that is no hatred or abuse towards anyone. In these curation reports, we will be showcasing posts that we are voting on from both members and non-members.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the posts below and show them some love with upvotes and comments. We have chosen these posts because they exemplify the kind of consciously created content that we love to see. We hope you love it, too!


Today's post's will highlight one post from each of the following categories:

Life | Freedom | Truth | Love | Happiness



Clean Planet Contribution 18.04.19 Forest


Getting real, bending down and greening-cleaning the planet whilst on a mission for clean-green veggies. What better celebration of LIFE could we have, people? Standing ovation for this creative and thought-full post!



Everybody Has Fear Of Freedom


Plato, dark caves and projected shadows... wanting "the state" to keep us safe in our times of vulnerability. This gentle reflection on Freedom is powerful in a week where Assange was arrested and the French city-state seeks to restore its monument with gerzillions while so many marginalized and refugee people are far from safe. Are we really wanting Freedom?



Poetry Day 107 Subtext


Dissolving the need to feed on lies. Sometimes the poetic soul can shortcut essays of thousands of words, and bring us smack-bang HOME to the simplicity that images are designed and constructed for us and it is the dissolution that leads us back to truth. Loving that art and poetry sometimes have more to contribute than endless pages of argument.



What A Paradigm Shift Practically Looks Like


The journey to Love is the biggest and most potent driver of real paradigm shift, starting with ourselves and then rippling out into the world. Live to Give, self-forgiveness, maturity, commitment - this post is a complex reflection of the ultimate driver of true paradigm shift - Love.



Martin: A Short Film About A Happy Homeless Man


The incredible, uplifting and radical short film about Martin, a happy and homeless man, is presented in this important post which challenges stereotypical ideas of happiness being only possible when the externals are as society says they "should be".


This post was crafted & curated by @artemislives
Writer, thinker, mama & universal traveler - creating Pure Thai Natural fair trade, sustainable, herbal products in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

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Wow - you are great at this curation stuff a great spread of posts, well done @artemislives! Will go check these out and give them some love. Resteeming.

Thank you, my dear. The repressed teacher in me who enjoys singling out and rewarding the best contributions... 😋

Repressed???? Haha 🤣🤣

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wow cool tribe, and great curation!! Somehow i never even saw a freedom tribe post before.. !

This is a great endeavor. Joining the discord. 😎👍

Great. We SHOULD give energy & focus to the values we want to see in the world. 💚... cos that's the only way to manifest them.

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Yes, indeed. Mentalism. 😎

Beautiful to see the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee folk back together, great job @artemislives.

I saved the video about Martin to see later, it intrigues me how people who have less, tend to be happier.

Yes... having less makes us richer in happiness IF we can release the desire to compare ourselves to others who seem to have more.

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This is a fabulous collection. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Glad you enjoyed. 😊

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Your content is amazing. Thanks for sharing and organise contests. I believe this will be a good platform for me to share my thoughts on human emotions articles.

Thank you. 😊 There's 50 steem on offer in the #FREDOM challenge... get ON it!

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Hooray yes. I will do it during weekend:)

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If you come across great posts using those tags, please pop the url in the @freedomtribe curation channel in discord. 😊

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I'll throw some freedom tags up

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Oh, lovely idea! 💞

Looking forward to a post using one or more of the tags @lizablove 💙

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