Being live at Upwork and gigs

in #freelance3 years ago

I don't know what I did this time, but my freelance profile is finally approved by Upwork.

My Upwork profile

For the longest time, I keep getting a failed verification message from them, which meant that my profile doesn't show up in their freelancer page. I wish I still kept those fail messages so that I can screenshot and share.

I waited 5 years, bro. LOL.

I'll keep updating my profile as I go on. In any case, I'm so thankful that despite not being on the job seeking platforms, people still look for me for business opportunities. Thanks LinkedIn.

Speaking of online jobs, I'm never touching Freelancer again due to the shady work listing they have online. So many Indian-based companies offering "jobs" that are actually CAPTCHA bot-based jobs for their scrapping tasks. Horrible tasks, horrible pay. Totally not worth it.

I wonder what everyone's favourite gigs platform is. The only other reputable gig site that I know of is Fiverr. Do you know of any else that works for you? Please share, and if you have posted about this before, please link your post in the reply below.

Happy blogging and stay COVID-19 safe.

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