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A long while ago, right before the split from Steem, I ran a contest to show that @freewritehouse was doing amazing things so they shouldn't be downvoted. The result is posted here. Though it appears the downvoting has ended (at least the ones that inspired the contest) I think everything said about the @freewritehouse and @mariannewest are still worth noting. It's an amazing organization run by an incredible woman.

I had posted, just after the transition to HIVE, asking where everyone wanted their shares (HIVE or STEEM) and I only got one response. And I've been distracted and off HIVE so I've done nothing about it. Now though, I'm going to dole out the shares to those I see posting on HIVE as follows:

There were 13 people who gave their testimonials. Each of them will receive 5 SBI shares. The names are listed below:

@iamraincrystal - You were the only one to respond to my request, but I haven't sent the shares yet. To make up for it I'm sending you double the shares as well as the same amount of HIVE to make up for it. Please accept my apologies for not taking care of it sooner.

@improv (shares will be sent to @tristancarax as requested)

The two accounts below do not seem to be active on Steem or HIVE so I'm not sending anything at the moment. If anyone knows if they've switched accounts or something please tell them to get in touch so I can verify who they are and send the prizes.

Eight people chimed in an offered support in the form of comments (but no specific story). They will receive 2 SBI shares each.

@carolkean (shares being sent to @freewritehouse)

I have not been able to verify that @fitnfun is still active on either chain. Please let me know if you are still around.

And I had intended to send the shares from the @freewritehouse so they could benefit from sponsoring, but like an idiot I forgot to do that. So I've sent them the equivalent HIVE (74 HIVE) so @mariannewest can decide if she wants to sponsor shares for others or use it to powerup.

I think that brings me up to date!

I'm excited to get back to posting and connecting with the awesome writers here on HIVE.

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Thank you so much 😊😊 no worries about the delay.. Life happens as it is 😉👍 hope you & your family are safe & well.. More power to @freewritehouse! I have catching up to do with my freewrites 🤣😂 take care & happy weekend!

Thank you so much for the hive. Unfortunately @fitandfun has passed away a few months back 😔.

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank you for letting me know.

You're welcome.

Alright first of all thank you so much ... I am active where ever all is well with me just a little lacking on keeping up with engagements since the split pushed many to alternative platforms I also kinda followed suit... I think I saw your post and meant to reply if I did not but that’s precisely what I’m talking about ... constantly loosing where I see what now 🤦‍♂️ anyways enough complaints You Rock

PS on a sad note @FitInFun is no longer with us 😔 bit of a sad tale I was trying to follow up with her brother while she was in the hospital and I have never gotten a response ... seemed like it was a very sudden turn for the worse after an almost recovery ... to be honest I wasn’t following to closely but made an effort to get a hold of family for her once I was alerted to her in the hospital ... she shared much wisdom with us all ❤️ I do miss her sassy attitude dearly ❤️

Ya había olvidado este asunto pero es genial tu ayuda en este sentido. Gracias por estar al pendiente y por todo tu apoyo...

Thanks @ntowl. You're sweet.

@oivas is this correct way to spell the name you're after.

Thanks for pinging me @tristancarax! Hey @ntowl I am active as crazy on Hive... Barring this weekend for the first time.. Though, I have no clue about your post. I never knew I was to receive HBI or Hive from anyone.. 😊 😊

Hi @oivas, you didn’t know because I couldn’t spell right! I kept looking at your name and thinking it wasn’t right but apparently I’ve been misspelling it since the original contest started!

I’ll send over your HBI later today when I get to my computer.

Thank you for setting me straight!