Friday 5 Min Freewrite (Family Drama-by pixiehunter)

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continued from Thursday's prompt:
While he laid there, I watched his body tremble. With glaring eyes I look at him and lend him a hand to stand up......You're new to this town stranger, if you seek to start any trouble you best find another place to go. We keep the peace here..If you've such an itch to start spreading gossip, you might want to think twice..I don't appreciate you coming around and opening your mouth about my family drama.. It is my business.. I also suggest you go get cleaned up before the boys come back to town for drinks. Last you want is to be seen wearing pissy pants.. They don't care who you are, so keep your mouth under control....

Thank you for stopping by to read my daily freewrite. I should probably add a title and names if I attempt to continue this. Not sure just yet. Guess I will see what the weekend prompts are.


Nice! Things are starting to take shape. Let's see if they get names :)

Hi, @pixiehunter ! Great to have you back!

If you post in the Freewriters community ( you'll get spotted more easily by fellow freewriters!

Hope to see more from you! :)

Thank you :) Indeed, I will be here more. Thank you for the link. I wonder if I will have anymore crazy stories like Chozzy. Sure had fun with that one.