I obtained the 100 HIVE loan I was seeking.

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I have found a lender, but instead of making everything public, they'd rather remain anonymous

Original post:

The title just about says it all.

I'm currently between paychecks, and my stupid phone got cut off last night... This kind of puts me in a spot when it comes to being reachable by the mother of my children, so I'm seeking a short-term, high-interest loan to rectify my situation.

I have a powerdown of roughly 135 HIVE coming Friday at about 1pm EST.


If anyone is able to help me out, I'm willing to pay back 120 HIVE as soon as my powerdown comes through. The 20 HIVE this loan will cost me is well worth getting my phone back on sooner rather than later. I will unfortunately only be online for the next couple of hours while I'm at the local coffeeshop on Wifi, but will try and get back down here this evening to check back.

If this is accepted, I will edit this post to reflect that I'm no longer in need, who I borrowed from, and will update Friday with screenshots of the repayment so that everything is transparent.

Thank you for your time.