Funny series photo : Need To Really Look At To Understand

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In life, there will be many moments that make you confused and have to look many times to understand. If you're lucky, you can record them and share them with friends.

Surely many of you think white girls are pregnant! (Photo: Internet)

Oh my god  (Photo: Internet)

Just the arm! (Photo: Internet)

Next time remember to stand next to not rides offline! (Photo: Internet)

Who is fake, who is real? (Photo: Internet)

Woman with 3 legs? (Photo: Internet)

Nooooooo (Photo: Internet)

Man has model body? (Photo: Internet)

What was the cat? (Photo: Internet)

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So funny! My favorite is the lady that looks like she has zebra legs.

Wondering if you studied at BITS Dubai University, just saw your username.