Bad Chinese In-Flight Entertainment Movie Translations

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These movie synopsis translations from my China Southern flight are a strange mix of poor english, creativity, and the classic Chinese bluntness.

Sidenote - I didn't watch any of these.


Here are a few special quotes taken from the screenshots further down:

"A Lannister always pays his debts" - this movie is not Game of Thrones related.

"Gorgeous gangster life"

"most importantly never stops showing off muscles"

"cherishing the dedicated actors while feasting your eyes"

In Emma Watson's Colonia, the synopsis discusses the secret police abducting people then the quote actually says, "such a horrible history is not far away from us." Well I guess these synopses were not state sponsored. Surprised that slipped through the cracks.

"Zeta Jones beauty is still stunning" Ouch.

and finally...

"High paced action boasts 107 minute climax"

I wish.

There's many more gems in there, check them out below.








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Nice post @cryptastic...

You didn't even have to see the movie to be entertained.

I didn't even bother watching the movies. I must admit I was tempted by Nicholas Cage

The synopsis of puncture reveals everything, even the actual ending. And I loved how the "recommendation" is the wackiest random stuff every single time.

Oh China... I miss your weirdness.
Thanks for the laugh. These are gold!

I'm going to miss it too, I'm leaving next month!

No way?! Back to the homeland?

Lol... you entertained yourself by finding all these gems AND documenting them!! Hahaha...

of course, all for you guys ;-)

Oh. If I read such kind of English, I never realize that they are a strange mix of poor English.
On the contrary, I am curious how to say "such a horrible history is not far away from us." in normal English. I can translate it into Chinese easily--如此恐怖的历史距离我们并不遥远(it is a beautiful Chinese sentence). but it seems that it is a funny or ridiculous Chinese-style English for native English speaker, OK?