Life gets a little busy some times!

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At time I feel like a charactor in one of my favourite games, yes the humble peon from WoW3. And yes I might even look like that character with all the stress which work and life brings.

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Since the 16th of December I have been working 72hour weeks, crazy right... you should see the pay! Most of my friends say I am crazy for working so much, well I was crazy to begin with so I am a little worried why they are so surprised. For most people the work and lack of sleep would drive them even more insane, luckily there is a limit to how insane one can be and if you are at that limit already this is no problem.

I mentioned the pay didn't I? With so much overtime, one can only imagine how big that payslip was. I was wondering if it would even fit in my mail box... Pay day came, and there it was, that crisp PDF file of 68KB, labeled "PayRol for Jan 2020". This one was even so fancy it had a lock on it, which required my special password to open. I put in the password and it opened felt like the treasure trove itself had opened up for me:

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To put all those human right activists at ease, I am not longer working 72 hours a week, not allowed to. But if it was my choice I would. I have to say the body does start to feel it and it gets all soft, I definitely need to start hitting those dungeon raides again and buff up.

I haven't been able to play a game in months, withdrawals have kicked in, but I will keep you all up to date on the adventures I go on. The odyssey is calling me... the cloak is on, the daggers are sharpened.


Nice to see you back :)

Gracias 👏👏

True talk. Work 💪. Work 💪💪. Work 💪💪 💪. Thanks for the Juicy upvote on my post . Gracias.