Fyrstikken Testing Things

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Every week I am contacted by people who wish to rise to the top as a witness, while I am interested in having the best heads with the best machines to do that job (like @fyrst-witness).

So as I write this, all my witness-voting power has been daisy-chained all the way to @ausbitbank who you need to convince from now.

Beta-testing Steem-Engine

It is truly one of the best inventions in blockchain/sidechain history and I can only look forward to the future when more and more Smart Token Features are added (as I write this, they are working on Staking-functionality).

I am wondering about listing one of my companies as a Steem Engine Token, its common stock a little bit into the future once stake based dividends and other functionalities has been built and tested.

Testing Modern Vape-Systems

eSig, KingPen, BrassKnuckles, Heavy Hitters - they come in many names extracted from many different strains in California. I was sceptic at first but after trying KingPen out, I am glad to report that it was AMAZING, and something every man above 30 should try out, if they want - no pressure.


US Patriots can now buy Digital American Flags on Steem-Engine!

It may not be worth much, but every American Patriot needs USA in their extended STEEM-WALLET, check them out at: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=USA maybe they will become worth something in the future, what do I know :) Good Luck

SteemSPEAK is waiting for YOUR voice to be heard!

For over 3 years me and a large group of OG Steemians has been hanging out at SteemSpeak Discord, giving advices, developing ideas, software, businesses - all STEEM-related of course. Our motto is: "You all gonna be RICH boys, You ALL gonna be RICH" (not many girls back then)
Please visit us 24/7 at: https://discord.gg/sqxV63P


@ausbitbank is a good choice, I trust he will do a good job.

Фирстиккен крут!

Hey man can you drop me a link to vote your witness? I was given a few accounts.. I will set them all to you. Also can you make more videos like this. I really enjoy them.