You are a creative giant in my book. Happy Friday

Of course!

I'm watering at the eyes. Godly comicry skills! 😊

I can do better than that. While that is true, this post made me laugh as well.

It's really weird to me how this cyber site can actually give you the impression that you tiptoed onto the neighbor's lawn, and they may or may not want you to be there. LOL I'm serious, I find myself thinking 'friendly territory?' 'neutral territory' etc. The problem is, you make enough friends which I really love doing, than it gets harder to tell who might have trampled whose lawn...I'm not sure if I should laugh at that or just shake my head at people for always playing out the same scripts.

there is that but it's nothing new, I'm tired of seeing the same story every two months buuut what can you do people have the memories of goldfish it seems, more like the attention span :P, so what memory can we expect :P

I still lol over HOLES.

Edit: This was like a drive by (I think you're funny, don't tell anyone) I couldn't live with myself being that girl, haha!


I like your sense of humor...probably because like me it's somehow that of a twelve year old boy and yet sophisticated at the same time... ;)

well, i'm a girl living in a boy's world......that's how I've felt since 2013 when i entered the automotive it's the money industry......still a boy's world as far as I can see.
true, i never did grow up.....

Brian's comics have added a value that cannot even be properly monetized. Laugh-inducing posts are needles in haystacks on this site.

I absolutely agree, laughter is super important. I stumbled on something new in funny called the-oracool. I resteemed the latest one (mainly because I'm in it, LOL) It combines serious with funny which I also appreciate.

friggin awesome, Brian

Who was that masked man?

where are the antagonists :D or are we going to have another "Civil war" :P @berniesanders have you played the steemit arcade it's in dire need for a uplift, maybe we can add all the heroes :D (pokemon, Marvel, DC) and be ready for the conflicts :D we need more heroes on our side :)

I should probably just put you on Auto Token...

Your token sir

the best.ever


I would have cloaked Bernie in black, though.....