My Dog and I

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Hi people!

Above is a photo of me and my dog, his name is Cleaver. He stays in my family house with my parents and my siblings in the city where I grew up. I myself stay in another city but I go home sometimes to visit my family house.

​Everytime I am away for a long time I keep fearing that this dog would forget me and start barking at me or even try to bite me when I return, so I started calling home to tell them to be showing my pictures to the dog while I'm away so that it would not forget me.

​But the worse still happened at last, now anytime I go back home the dog keeps barking at me, and chasing me. This is so sad and sometimes I feel like showing the dog pictures we took a long time ago like 'look, Cleaver, we were friends, can't you see it here? Look at pictures we took last year. Look at this one right here, this was that day we wrestled and you lost for the hundredth time to my signature move The Nevies Choke Hold. Don't you remember?.'

At this point Cleaver would probably apply a signature move of his own on me.



Wow, that is so sad... and a bit strange, too. Maybe your dog has memory problems, because they tend to remember people just by their smell alone.

Yea, maybe he has memory problems, or following this sweet video you just showed here, maybe when he's barking and seeming dangerous I need to stay close and let him smell me. Quite a risk, man.

I don’t know why he does that, but Mabye like you say even if he is barking at you and such.
It can be because he feel like you abanded him and he let you know.
A friend had a dog that did that after he moved away from home, but everytime he visited he sat on the floor saying his name and talked to him. After a while he the dog came to him and stayed next to him until he left. Now he says hi when he visit and the dog shows love again instead of barking, like he knows he isn't forgotten.
I hope you find a way to get your relationship back as it were ❤️

I usually don't risk staying there and trying to talk to him when he's barking so that there's no chance in hell he'd bite me. Our relationship usually gets mended after some days, I usually take it like I'm starting afresh to make him my friend, I give him all his food and other treats and in a matter of days we're friends again. But then I'd have to leave the city again and return after a long time which means we'd start afresh again 😅

I hear you there 😉 and then I understand.
Mabye that is the best stragety for the both of you, just hope he comes around and surprise you one day by running to you licking your face when you arrive 🐶
Hey my friend 😁 lol

Hahaha, that would be really cool. Our previous dog was Avery aggressive one but used to do that no matter how long I'm away for. He even smells me from very far away from the compound even after I've been away for up to a year.
Like I'll get into the compound and meet him already excited and rushing at me. Everyone would say he just became excited all of a sudden and a minute or two later I arrived and they realize why he was so excited.

Awww... That is soo sweet 🐶🤗❤️
Sounds like that was a dog Who showed affection in the best way.
Even if he was aggressive, that shows alot.
Dogs are amazing and they are all about unconditional Love 😊
Best kind there is.
My Bobby is up my face all the time and follows me everywhere.
And always wants body contact so you never get any "space "
But he is such a sweetheart and only barks when another dog is barking outside the garden.

Really sweet😀🤗

Hahaha - if dogs could write HIVE posts, I bet he'd have something to say!

Hahahaha 😂 True!