Transporter II & III: faster, bigger and better

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NextColony Explorer III

Our engineers have been working hard to deliver improved versions of the Transporter. We are proud to present two new Transporters.

These are the new Transporters...

Transporter II
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 8
Storage capacity: 400

Transporter III
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 3
Storage capacity: 1200

The focus of the Transporter II (C-T02) is on speed. The Transporter II is the successor of the small and slow Transporter I. This Transporter has an enormous speed and is therefore particularly suitable for long distances or when a speedy delivery is needed. The Transporter II also features a larger loading capacity than the original Transporter I. The Transporter II blueprint is now available in the shop.

The focus of the Transporter III is on capacity. The Transporter III is the largest transporter and has an enormous loading capacity. Transporter III cannot be bought - but they can be earned.

Does this mean that the Transporter I is now useless? Not at all. Its focus is mainly on defense, which makes it much more resilient to attacks than the newer versions.

We have also adapted the transport mission. From now on you can use all ships in transport missions and thus send considerably larger amounts of resources.

Giveaway: Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint? Just write a creative comment below this post and resteem this post. All blueprints will be distributed after the payout of this post. This promotion ends in 7 days.

Stay tuned.

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In my opinion, my planet formation assumes the constellation of the
unicorn constellation. And that deserves a Transporter III 🚀
Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-20 um 08.52.51.png

Attention, Attention:

Long did the human race research on a method to move resources around the galaxy in a faster way. In the height of the arms rush between the various planets and alliances, the galactic scientists published the highly anticipated plans for the Transporter II on the galactic market. With an incredible speed of 8 parsec, it immediately became the fastest ship in the galaxy. Production all around the galaxy is running hot, to increase the trading speed and serve the massive demand of the planets.

Rumors are going around that the galactic scientists have discovered some even larger transporter ship classes during their research. The word is about gigantic storage capacity for moderate speed. However, no information is known about how to get hands on these plans, other than the black market. It could be dangerous to deal there and is highly advised against from the galactic counsel.


Hi people, i have soo many and big players around me, so without this transporter 3 i have never a chance to help for the world wonder, because i am to fare from legendary planet. So it would be very smart if i could get one, thank you Deffs. otherwise i get LOST in space...

hmm.. creative... how can a economics centered gamer be creative? hmm.. I need this blue print.. so...
art work? lyrics?

hmm.. or better write some ideas of how this games could develop in the near future? this is probably better...
.. so here we are...
atm we have different small and bigger fractions, smaller and bigger singel players and some inactive players...
so first of all there should be an event like a big asteroid storm bombarding the whole system and who ever has not built a interplanetary anti asteroids defense system will loose the planet by a catastrophic asteroid impact... the planet will disperse in the universe or just the base is destroyed and it can be conquered by an explorer mission... and the inactive player taken out of the equation... if he or she comes back months later he/she can start from scratch again...

secondly looking a bit on eve.. it would make sense to be able to built huge space stations where fractions could set their center of defense, trade and storage... but those space stations should be pretty expensive to be built, have strong armor but are still not invincible..

jump gates: maybe it makes sense to have jump gates - naturally occurring ones and ones that can be built where you can jump from one side of the galaxy to the other in little time..

quests: there should be quests that can be performed by single players and other quests that can only performed by huge coalitions of players...
like a alien race threatening our universe with a new kind of space ship technology...

and finally there should be some technical development options be possible with the research center...

My girlfriend only let me play this game under the assumption that I am successful. Now comes such a great transporter 3 and I get no blueprint, you know what awaits me at home? I'm beaten by my girlfriend, there will be no tortelloni 7 weeks more, but the worst is yet to come, she wants to deny me sex if I do not get a transporter 3 blueprint.

Do you really want that, that I never have sex anymore?

post resteemed

Ok, so my idea was to show you how new Transporter III will look like in pure html code:

This is cool! (:

I also need a T3 blueprint, I promise that I will fix a bug in return!

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Thing is, you can also add a bug 😎😬

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I can’t wait to see brand-new ships!!
It makes me dizzy.:)

a creative comment

  • Very creative, much wow


Sorry for my silly joke lol
I'm happy to share this awesome giveaway news.
Every planet deserves at least a single chest since it boosts mine upgrades, imo. Hope it will bring devs good amount of coffee and doughnuts! ^^

Across the Universe - Nextcolony!
Cheers :)

is working hard to find a way to satisfy user's needs ,
I reckon. :)

Here is my recommendation which suitable for Nextcolony.
(No one puts music in comment section yet, so I do. :))

Thank you for giving away T3.
Much appreciated.

Have a nice day! :)

These are big improvements on the Transporter I which I didnt even bother with.
I’m still not sure whether large number of corvettes isn’t a better transport option. Capacity can be easily adjusted for smaller runs.

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In the distant galaxies... they said... there is trading and fighting, peace making and discovering new planets. Yesterday evening at the New Era Galaxy party I heard Chantal and Jaqueline talk about something unusual coming into the universe. It's supposed to be a powerful new spaceship. Bill the Barkeeper had been talking about something that the constructors have been hanging around in the hangar for months now, pushing overtime.... I think there's something epic coming to us that's going to mess up the order of the universe.

And when I got up this morning.

Damn, I've got a hangover... The space soup from last night really gave me the rest... Something was there nevertheless still...

krrrkkk bzzrz

A warning signal sounds in the United Universe TV program... god damn. There are two new transport ships available on the market...

And the engineers are back.

What is really a creative comment? Is a creative comment a comment where someone makes a NC fan fiction? Everyone does thi, so is this really creative? Is a comment with 1000 random signes creative, just because it is something noone else thought about? Or is this comment where we talk about creative comments creative, because it lets you think about a topic?

With the launch of the Transporter3, sales of Chest will be reduced. It's great to make something like this. From now on, if I find a new planet, I won't even use the 10 steem. Are u OK?

The chests are getting less and less important, and that's okay, yeah.

The asymmetrically shaped front looks like an art nouveau (Jugendstil) sculpture. Anyway, I can't wait to own them to deliver shitloads of Milka Chocolade through space.

Great update! Something like this was badly needed for the incoming demand with player to player resource trading. I'm very excited to see how this develops into the game economy. Not to mention, funding your own expansions with resources from other planets in your holdings. Happy to see these new releases from the stellar team!

My contest submission below, a bit of lore about the Transporter III

Transporter III : Originally engineered by the ancient people of Atlantis it resembles a Barracuda or Snook (fish) as the original design was meant for aquatic conditions. These ancient blueprints were later re-engineered to travel the depths of space rather than oceans. These ships are known for their large capacity but weekend defenses. Some pirate raiders affectionately refer to these as the "Purple People Eaters" (hence where the color comes from) as their larger capacity is preferred in the human slave trade. Some ruthless pirates have even modified the propulsion turbines to run off of human remains.

You said TIII can only be earned. How do we earn them once this competition is over?

Monthly season, in the galaxy, in quests, in bounties, and so on...

Thanks for the quick response.

Monthly season, in
The galaxy, in quests, in
Bounties, and so on...

                 - oliverschmid

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Checked how much time each transporter needs to travel opposite corners of the observable universe

  • side is 1080 tiles

  • diagonal 1527.35 tiles

TI needs 763.5 h > 32 days

TII needs 190.875 h > 8 days

TIII needs 509 h > 21 days

Despite my newest NextColony soundtrack piece being called Lone Explorer, I had to cheat and use the sick new purple skinned T3 transport for the album cover (

That being said, this beastly transport (and ingenious PR release) deserves its own track so that will hopefully be my next inspiration!

Was soll ich mit dem T2 (VW), ich nehm' lieber den T3.

Hi, I am just starting with game and the whole blockchain thing so not have much to say. Still learning what to do. But so far liking it and hope to stay longer. Such rewards will help for sure.

Eintrag ins Logbuch. Sol489 _ Helius Alpha x2-Golgotas a4

Wir haben in der Entfernung von 300.000 Kilometern ein fremdes Schiff erfasst. Laut der Teilchen Dynamik Auswertung, hat es sich schon seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr bewegt.
Der Tiefenscan hat merkwürdige Ergebnisse geliefert. Scheinbar ist ein Teil dieses Schiffes Biologisch. Man könnte vielleicht sogar sagen daß es zum Teil lebendig ist.

Nach einer gründlichen Analyse, gehen wir davon aus, das dieses Schiff als Transporter genutzt wurde.

Selbst der große Transporter C-T02 welcher unsere Flotte begleitet, verfügt nicht über solch eine hoche Lgerkapazität.
Unser Engineer geht von 1200 UE aus!

Wenn wir es schaffen die Baupläne dieses Schiffs zu bergen, könnte unsere Nation deutlich davon profitieren. Scheiße, Vermutlich wird jedes einzelne Crewmitglied mit einer Ehrenmedaille ausgezeichnet und könnte den Rest ihres Lebens in Elysium Delta-Z verbringen.

Welch schöner Gedanke. Nach all der Dunkelheit... ist allerdings nörtig, das Schiff zu betreten, um die Baupläne Manuel einzuscannen. Wir schicken zu diesem Zweck unseren Sep Engineer, unseren AI spezialisten, sowie eine Begleitung von 2 bewaffneten Söldnern.

Gott steh uns bei!

Twinkle twinkle little star ... There is a Transporter with this hugh capacity so far.

So let's try to get the blueprint soon, with writing creative words in this little poem.

You can get this blueprint just as a giveaway, maybe with this creative words and resteem, proudly presented on a tray? 🚀

Writing some creative words to earn, it's not that easy for me as this small worm. 😉

In English it is not that easy for me to say ...

So please take my little try and with hope and joy I will send it on the way.


Here is an actual quote I dug up that is surprisingly relevant-

"Hi, I'm Jason Statham and I know a little bit about making 3 Transporters. I can tell you for a fact that even after a first successful Transporter you're going to need at least 2 more. The nextcolony team even modeled the newer ships after me, bigger, faster, foreign, everything I am known for. I'll even let the fact that they stole my movie titles Transporter 2 and Transporter 3 slide because they did it to pay homage to my career. So check out the latest Transporters and my newest film Hobbs & Shaw starring me and Dwayne "the rock" Johnson"

If you give me the transporter 3 I will call my grandmother and transport her amazing lasagna throughout the universe!!!

Hello everyone,
I'm one of the engineer working on the new ships. I'm maybe risking my life for delevering this message throught the hyperspace but hope my boss won't see it as he is eating donuts and drinking coffee rn. There is a big issue with the new ships that can be lethal... (Unknown person: WHOS HERE) Ohh shit, I need to hide be back. {sound starting again] Ok, I don't have much time. I achieved to killed the guard. The issue is placed on the green button on the control panel. YOU MUST NEVER TOUCH IT either way it will make explode every ships you own.... (Unknow voice: GET HIM!!) [Gunshot]

I want to pick up other ships with transporter 3 ( planets ok too :)

What a wonderful super ship, it's probably great to be a pilot of a space trucker...

A creative comment.

I just had 236 copper evaporate into space. I could use a gift from the stars.

Thank you.

There seems to be a bug with unloading. The resources are not lost, they are still on your ship.

Thanks. How do i fix this bug and get my stuff back?

@holger80 is fixing this for you.

Very cool design, looks like space dragon.

Wheter I want a T-III blueprint you ask?

I'll say: "Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?" *

And that means: YES, of course I do!

But I'm afraid I might be playing the dead duck * right here. This comment is basically like just a sitting duck *, for that I've already made it before. It wasn't even all my own idea, but I took to it like a duck to water * and made it visible for all to see.

You can say that I'll be a lame duck * for just repeating this, but it's going to be like water off a duck's back * to me.

Because a one legged duck does indeed swim in circles, but this duck ain't lame and it's got room for more! I've re-steemed this and even made my own post about it!


So you are just giving away the blueprints? I guess I can cancel the Bothan spies I hired to gather the intel for me.

Seriously though, I appreciate that your team is constantly working to add things to the game to make it more fun.

I'm not good at writing a creative comment, but I'd like to earn Transporter III blueprint. :) PLEASE~~~

I'm just going to call the T2 the farm ship - very handy for all those local passive players!

Extremely useful to free up a few mission control slots too at that speed.

I'm thinking the T3 probably won't really come into its element until a few months down the line.... but I've found thinking long term in this game is key.

Both seem pretty handy.

Now just the question of what to do with all these T1s...

Resteemed, Cheers!

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T1 is a pretty good tank. (:

My experience so far in NextColony :D
Transporter 3 for the rescue

Hi @kalif. Sorry for the offending attack, your planet was just shown as a farm from Next Colony Statistics. Your revenge on one of my other planets today is more than balancing it. Therefore I would suggest to find back to peaceful coexistence. I hope you accept this pease offer. Kind regards, city-of-berlin

wow good~~i need this blueprint!!!

Is next colony
A shity little garbage
Or just monkey poo?

giving BP for comments to your post is sooooo lame...

what is creative comment?I can't understand.plz explain someone.

I have a very pertinent question and I'm pretty sure other people are wondering; will Jason Statham be involved in this project? Because I can't imagine a Transporter series without him

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Space trucking!! Now powered by the SPICE! This will surely dominate the universe.

Thanks for the giveaway, @nextcolony. We could all use the ability to reach out and touch someone (just a little faster).

I hope there is more than one winner, that mancer guy knocked it out of the park.

Hopefully this contest will break my losing streak, but, having accepted that some people are just born to lose, i don't hold out a lot of hope.
Is that defeatist?
Self fulfilling?
Who's to say?

Guess I'll know in a couple days.

Just wanted to say thank you for that great game. You put a lot work in to it and it shows.

I will describe three different types of transporters in animal forms:

T1 = slowest and less storage - much alike Galapagos Tortoises
T2 = fastest and modest storage - undoubtedly the Cheetahs
T3 = normal and largest storage - nonetheless the biggest land animal, Elephants!

Btw, thanks for the new T2 and T3 transporters, @nextcolony :) Upvoted and resteemed!

From the farthest galaxies new allies form up to trade together.
A fast trade with allies offers an ernome basic structure for further exploration of the universe and expansion of the different colonies.

Capt. Maverick

Guys, seriously: Transporter II and III? Where has the creativity gone?
What about naming them "cargo ship" and "superfreighter" or something of the like?
And "scout" / "voyager" for explorer II/III...

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what about
Transporter Regula (TI)
Transporter Arrow (TII)
Transporter Canard (TIII)

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