What are the Best RPG's Ever Made on the Classic Super Nintendo Console?

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Known as the Super Nintendo (SNES in the USA) or Super Famicon in Japan, this console is many believe the best one ever produced, with games released in a beautiful era where the term "DLC" did not exist. This was also the time of the mighty Sega Megadrive providing ample competition to push Nintendo developers to the absolute brink in terms of game quality and graphical excellence. Although the machine was arguably most well known for their RPG's and how it's collection went on to shape the genre for years to come.

Hence I thought I'd give a nice shout-out to my favourite titles for the system, that me and my friends spent countless hours playing through. It was still an EXCEEDINGLY difficult list to put together given the plenthora of sheer class the SNES had to offer, but I managed to whittle it down to the cream of the crop, by my standards anyways. So let's take a trip down memory lane and check out my top 3 SNES RPG games of all time. Hope you enjoy.

3: Terranigma


Now this title is actually not very well known in the western part of the world, given the fact that it started life as a "Japanese only" release. Then a little while later in Europe and Australia (never in North America sadly). However, this is one RPG title that slams home one of the greatest stories ever told on the system. You take on the role of Ark, and are involved in the resurrection of Earth and ultimately restoring the evolution of life from beginning to present day. It surprisingly dealt with some very deep spiritual messages and added a deep layer of emotional connection with many characters, that was previously unheard of from a 16-bit title. Also, it features one of the best endings I have ever seen on ANY system, period. You'd be doing a GREAT injustice to yourself if you miss out on this one. An absolutely classic in every regard!


2: Chrono Trigger


As controversial a choice as any! It was a real toss-up between the number one spot but trust me, there was hardly anything in it. This title, for many, set the benchmark standard for RPG's in general, with some still calling it the best game in it's genre ever made! A bold statement indeed, until you actually get to experience it firsthand and discover what all the fuss was about. You play as Chrono who is the main protagonist in your adventure, although five other characters also join the party later on. After a teleportation experiment goes awry at the Millennial Fair, it is up to our band of heroes to harness it's power, travelling back and forth in time to make everything right again. This leads our team through various periods in Earth's existence, such as the prehistoric era, middle ages and even the future. I feel giving away any more would be tantamount to spoiling it. Such a deep, absorbing and highly intricate game. So much as that your actions in certain time periods actually effect the future or past when you travel back there again. Quite simply, one of the best games I've ever played. Put it straight on your bucket list now, if you've never checked it out before. And don't worry, you can thank me afterwards for it. :)


1: Final Fantasy III


Known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan, words are my only limitation when trying to describe how incredible this game actually is. The epic storytelling? Those adorable characters? The extraordinary set pieces? Never before had anyone ever experienced a tale with the emotional impact and astounding depth this title delivered. Following on from the success of Final Fantasy II (Part IV in Japan) in Europe and the USA as well as Final Fantasy V, the geniuses at Square faced the almost impossible task of producing another, given the pedigree of their previous offspring. Not only did they surpass it in almost every respect, but they created a masterpiece so ahead of it's time that even today many consider it unrivaled to any other RPG on any console. Featuring one of the most memorable villains of all time, it also has possibly the biggest twist in any game ever created at it's midpoint. And that is no exaggeration, believe me. This was the title on the SNES that knocked me for six and will go down in history as the 16-bit marvel that literally outclassed it's genre. Was the perfect game ever made? I, for one, think it was.


Well, there you have it. Only three titles listed but what absolute knockout gems in the industry they are, right? Again, I realize that there are so many other titles to choose from in the stunning array the SNES had to offer. Although these are my personal picks in terms of the impactfulness they had on me whilst playing them and how well they stood the test of time.

Please let me know what your ultimate SNES RPG titles are!!!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Definitely Final Fantasy 2 for me. I've played through countless times. For some reason FF3 didn't resonate well with me.. I think it was the new style of 3d, which is different than in FF2.

Oh man, I absolutely love that game! I'll be honest, I didn't want to have two FF titles in the list so it was a close toss up between these two.

And I think FF II has the best overworld music of the entire series!! :)

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