Project Overview 2024 - Part 1 - MY OWN GAME

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❗️ THIS IS PART 1 - GAME of the Project Overview for 2024. Part 2 - MUSIC will come soon! Because otherwise the post would have been much too long. 😄

Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

I´m great so far! Wednedsday is always the day where I can work from home, on Hive, all my ideas and my music. I love this day. It´s always very relaxing for me, although my ToDo list is long. 😄

I love this tool, it´s called "Virtual Cottage". I always use it for my ToDo-lists and to listen to some chilled music while working.

I hope someday I will manage to get my music into this! It´s time to invade some more games. 😁

▶️ In this post I want to give you an update of what I am working on right now, and how my year 2024 will look like regarding to Hive. ◀️

This is important for me to do, because I want to be transparent as always and you guys will better understand why I won´t be as active as last year when it comes to blog posts.

It´s also important for me to be transparent to my $RAVEN token holders, because they invested money into my project. I have several smaller NFT drops and raffles planned and also my first physical merch drop. 😍
But there won´t be a drop every 2 months because I need my time to work on something bigger, which will also give my $RAVEN token holders benefits once it´s done. And I REALLY want to use my time for this! So I just wanted to inform you guys so you know what to expect. 😊 I hope you will still stick with me!

Now let´s talk about what projects are in the line for this year. 🎉

My Own Game.jpg


Oh yeah! Of all the projects I am working on, this is the most exciting one for me! 🎉 💃 I feel, even writing about this makes me nervous haha!

I took a long time before finally being sure enough about it to mention it officially.
I´ve played alot of Hive games and games in general and I´ve seen alot of great stuff but also alot of bad stuff. And I just want to try and make it better.

Therefore, I will not make any promises or presales before the game is done!

Let me try to explain:

Making my own game has always been a dream for me. I am a big gamer ever since I was a kid and I´ve always dreamed of having my own game. And Hive gives me the platform and the fanbase for it. So I just have to try it

But I won´t do this for any price.

I know Hive already has ALOT of games and doesn´t really need another one. So it won´t make much of a difference if I create my own game or not.

But I feel I have to do this. For me and for the artists on the Hive Blockchain.

I am not doing this because I hope to earn money with it. I mean, yes sure it would be great, but this is not my goal.
To be honest, I´ve seen alot of Hive games which were just put out because the game creators hoped to get rich quick. Seeing this as a person with a creative heart makes me very sad.

The art behind game making suffers in some Hive games.

NOT ALL! I want to make this clear! We have some good games here. But in some, people shit on good game play, a nice user interface or great graphics. 😔
Let´s be honest, how many games on Hive would you play if there was no chance of earning money with it? How many games would you play just because of the gameplay?

My heart bleeds when seeing this. And I just want to try and make it better. This is a huge goal. Oh yes, and I don´t know if I can succeed in this. But I have to try. Even if it scares me alot. But I want to prove to myself as an artist, that I can do this.

But because of this attitude, and what I´ve seen in many games, I will NOT make any presale of assets or promise anything upfront!

I don´t want to promise anything to people and take their money, if I don´t know if I can ever deliver what I "promised". So there will be no promises here. We will see how it goes, and then decide on when to release and what to do.

I am not doing it for the money and I don´t care if it takes 2 more years to build, as long as I put out something that I am happy with.

🎨 About The Game

I also have the attitude that I won´t reveal much upfront. Because I don´t want people to really look forward to it and then something happens and we can´t continue. What I don´t hope! But you never know. 😄
- This game will take place in my very own world that I tried to start building with all I did the last years: The Reign of Raven
- It will be based in this modern fantasy world and is centered around music, art and tales (what a surprise 😂)
- Hive musicians, artists and writers will play a huge part in this game and will be entitled to a portion of the earnings of the game
- It was important for me to have a unique game, therefore a very personal lore will be a huge part of the game
- I love collecting Trading Cards and NFTs! So yes, this game will have a huuuge collection you can collect

📋 The Status Of The Game

We´ve already worked on this for a few months. So there is already stuff to tell.

- The base for the world and the lore is set
- The gameplay and the mechanics are already constructed
- After testing out alot, we found our graphics style for the game and started working on the first 20-30 graphics
- The first 3 musicians agreed to be part of the game (artists and writers will follow later)
- The team has 5 members already 🎉

📑The Next ToDo´s

- We need to write the documentation of the gameplay

I´ve set this as our first goal because I think it is important to have a written documentation of the game and the gameplay. This will help the devs to know what to code, and it will help us to explain the game to creatives who we want to try and onboard into the game. In case we need investors at some point, this will also be a good thing to have and show them.

- We started researching what we need to develop the game and will start with the coding soon

Yes. We don´t have experience in any Hive and Blockchain coding. So this will not be an easy task. That´s why we want to prepare for this as good as possible. I am quite sure we will need some more help with the coding at some point and need to hire another developer. We are already saving up money for this.

- We need to draw all the graphics

Right from the beginning for me it was not even a question if I use a real graphics designer or just make my graphics with AI. I am an artist. I want to support artists. I like AI and it makes many things easier. BUT real drawn art gets lost these days. And I don´t want to be a part of this! So of course we will draw most of our stuff. We´ve already put so much love and work into finding our drawing style. ❤️ We will make this as awesome as possible.
But since this is a game with a huuuge collection and hundreds of pictures to draw. We hired some more help for the retouch and AI additions to the graphics. Cause I am fully aware that 1 person cannot draw all this.

Like you already recognized:

This game will focus on graphics, art, music, lore and collecting. Of course web3, NFTs and earning Hive tokens will be a part of it. But it will NOT be the center of our game. We want people to play this game because they love the story, art and gameplay. Not because they want to earn in the first place.

I really hope you understand my thinking behind this and that me as a person that was born for music and art doesn´t even have any other choice than doing it like this! 😊🖤

You will already wonder who I mean with "We" in my post.

Well let me give you a short overview of our team so far.

ME 😂

I am taking care of the game design and the mechanics and try to give the right input to have a great lore in the end, that will fit into the Reign Of Raven.

I am also the Creative Director and supervise the drawing and creation of the graphics.

NANE (@nane-qts)

Nane is a true friend ever since I entered the PIZZA Discord 2,5 years ago and always believed in me and my project. Her dream has always been to open up her own software company. So it was clear for us from the beginning, that we will lead this project together, because our expertises complement each other.

Nane is in charge of the technical and dev lead.

JFUJI (@jfuji)

Jfuji is an excellent writer and consulatant when it comes to game design and web3. I admire him alot! I am sure, he has 5 clones at least, because I have no idea how one person can handle so many projects with such an excellent quality of work! 😄
Jfuji is a huge help with the game design and is in charge of the lore and everything that needs to be written down in a professional, nice english. 😊
He also helps me find back to the right track when I am lost from time to time. 😊

CREEPYARTS (@creepyarts)

Lisa aka CreepyArts is my girlfriend and always sticked to me and believed in everything I did, even when I didn´t believe in myself. She is an excellent drawing artist but often underestimates her own talent. For me it was clear that I wanted to give her the chance to draws my game, because she knows me best and what I imagine the game to be like. And also I believe she needs this project to see her own talent and grow with it.

SMILE27 (@smile27)

Smile is a very talented graphics designer and AI graphics creator. I wanted to work with him ever since he entered my Discord server.
He is experienced in working on Hive games already and a very reliable and trustworthy person (like all my other team members too!).
He will help with retouching the graphics and add more AI graphics in case we need them. He will also help with layouting the media stuff like PDFs.

I love you all guys and I am so happy that you believe in me and my ideas and that you stick with me on this long journey! I can´t say how thankful I am for this! 💜💛

I know, this team is still small. And I know we will need more help at some point. I am fully aware, that it will not be easy, because I am not a big player on this blockchain like many others, and I don´t have as much manpower as other projects like Holozing, Neither do I have alot of funds to invest. But I have alot of passion and love to put into. And I am sure this will be rewarded at some point. 🖤😊 So I will just keep going. Even if I am afraid that I might fail...
My inner demons haunt me and laugh at me: "You little girl with the bad self-esteem want to create such a big project like a game?" But I need to try and stand up against these demons. And I believe that if there is a will, there is a way. So I will keep going no matter what...

💜 I cannot promise anything to you. I don´t know how it will go. But I can promise that I will give my best. Because this has always been my dream. 💜

I am curious to hear your reactions to this. 😃
Part 2 - MUSIC of the Project Overview of 2024 will follow soon!

Have a great day!!


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Many successes in this new project. We know of your dedication and determination to always present us the best of you. I predict it will be a great game and I am sure we will enjoy it.
And with this great team, 4 of whom I know, appreciate and admire, I know you will reach port for sure.

A hug for you and the whole team.

Thank you so much Alicia! =)
I appreciate your constant support and these kind words that motivate me to go on!! <3 Thank you! =)

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Wow @ravenmus1c :) This is an interesting news because I love hive and hive games.

Let´s be honest, how many games on Hive would you play if there was no chance of earning money with it? How many games would you play just because of the gameplay?

Completely agree and besides Splinterlands, Quest for stoken and a few games in development there are not many games/projects of games with real gameplay at the base...

I will gladly follow this project of yours and will definitely be among the players!

When you have time add me to the list of 1 RAVEN owners so I won't miss your future posts ;)
!discovery 30
@tipu curate

Thank you so much!! =)
Oh I am very sorry about this! I must have missed you in the tagging. Will change this!

Wow that's awesome news! Good luck on your adventure into game building! A great team and a great project lead! We're all looking forward to see what such an awesome team can put together!

Thank you! =) I am very excited too! It´s so much fun to work on it! :)

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Wow this is awesome news coming from you. Looking forward to the game.

Thank you!! =) I am very happy that people are excited about this! :D

Und wieder wird ein kleiner Teil deiner grossen Vision Realität. Wirklich schön zu sehen 💜

Ja das stimmt. :) Es ist ein langer Weg aber das Fundament ist nun gelegt. :)

Looking like there are so many artists who are working along with you in this game. Congratulations for taking a game on hive with all creative minds.

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Thank you!! =) Yes I am very thankful for this team!

Wow, I am looking forward to it!
All the best in this journey, should you need any help from me do call out too!

Thank you so much!! =) I think help is needed enough along the way. :) Whatever you want to help with, let me know. :D

I am not sure what I can help with. Anytime you need any help just call out.

Good luck with the game. It's going to be a challenge, but if you can build a good team then it may be fun too. Take your time and get it right.


Thank you! =) Yes, the team is everything! So I am very happy to have some great people in there already!!

That’s awesome! Congrats on getting your game started!

Thank you so much! =)

I'm sure your game has incredible music!

Hahah I hope so! Otherwise it would be a big fail. 😂

This is very exciting! I know you will do an amazing job, and with a team like this behind you, there's no way you can go wrong! I can't wait to see what y'all create. 😍


Thank you so much for having faith in us!! =) It feels good to get encouragement like this!

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Good luck with the game! I definitely will try to play it when it will be launched!🥳


Thank you! =) Happy to hear this!!

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Thanks alot! I appreciate it! !PIZZA

Excelente no sabía que había juegos en la plataforma con la que se puede ganar 🤑

This is so awesome!! There could never be too many games on Hive. It would be nice to have a game that doesn't cost an arm & a leg to play. I don't mind paying to play, but as you pointed out, a lot of them are suppose to be played to earn not pay to play.

As for games I like on hive, at this time there is only one I really like, enjoy, & can afford to play an that is 'Rising Star'.
I used to play Splinterlands' but that became too expensive.
Another problem with most games on Hive is that there's not enough instruction on 'How to Play' the game, especially one who is not familiar with these types of games.

I really can't wait til you get this up & running, as I would play for sure. Not because of it being 'play to earn' but because you are building it.


Thank you! =)
Yes I agree. It will cost a little bit to get started, but it´s not like you need to buy and buy stuff all the time. I want to keep the costs as low as possible and want to give everyone the chance to play!
But Play2Earn is "only" just a side effect of the game. For me it´s more important to tell a story and give people the chance to collect stuff.

Oh yes, the instructions are a big problem for sure! We are working on this already.

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Ooooooh your own game!

Good luck with that.

Yes!! You are completely right, so many "games" on web 3 are no game at all and it's sad. The team looks awesome so I'm sure it will turn out great! And the decision for not using AI great too!

I hope you post more info about gameplay soon!


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