Glorious remakes in video games

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Over the years videogames evolve in many aspects, their graphics, sounds, scenarios, arguments and many more things make them become really impressive things. Players of yesteryear can remember what video games were like 40 years ago, something totally different from what it is today.

Although so much time has passed there are titles that when they came out at the time were really innovative, making them a school for many developers as well as being worshipped for many gamers, but by the constant changes of graphics and other sections are being a little forgotten.

It may have been a really incredible game, but if you show it to a current gamer it probably won't catch his attention, even though you shouldn't underestimate any title for its appearance this may be somewhat obsolete compared to rendering systems today.

It is here when you need a redesign from scratch so that the gamers of the new generation can feel that experience of yesteryear, but not only will they enjoy it, it also applies to those who experienced it in the past, allowing you to relive anecdotes with a new graphic engine completely renewed.

Although this is an awesome sword, because the redesign may be a complete failure or at best a masterpiece that faithfully respects the original game, it is only the end user who will take the final verdict.

Over the generations we can notice several of these excellent redesigns, to start from the superclassics we can remember Bionic Commando, video game that came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System, at the time was very loved by the gamers of the time.

When the ramake Bionic Commando Rearmed came out it was just a surprise for everyone, its gameplay, graphics, music and so on were really incredible, it also respected a lot of things from the original game, an excellent work on the part of Capcom and GRIN.

If you think this was the only god level redesign ever made to a classic NES game you're wrong, the legendary Metroid also received a totally explosive change when it was released on the Game Boy Advance under the name Metroid Zero Mission, a title that is still very much loved and acclaimed by the community today.

If we go a little later in time, exactly in the mid 90's we will remember the brand new PlayStation, console that brought us incredible and surprising video games, many of them have received a redesign which have been much awaited by the gamer community.

An example can be found in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, redesign of the first Tomb Raider, in it we can find totally renewed graphics and controls, an addictive gameplay and many other things, turning it into a title of excellent quality.

But let's leave Lara Croft behind and think of Jill Valentine and her partner Chris Redfield, iconic characters from the video game Resident Evil, a game that hit many on its way out. When the sixth generation of consoles came out, Resident Evil fans were screaming for a remake with those new graphics, Capcom did it and made one of the best redesigns ever created, Resident Evil Remake for the Game Cube.

Later it would be a multiplatform title with totally renewed graphics, becoming one of the redesigns that has lasted the longest with life within the world of video games.

These and many more games are examples of an excellent redesign, however, there is the other side of the coin, when a developer does this job and the result is totally horrible and inferior to the original game, but this we will leave for a next time.

What video game redesign have you played recently? Tell us in your comments what you thought and if it is faithful to its original game.

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I love that they are making some good remakes. Played the Bioshock games for the first time on PS4 as well as Skyrim and a handful of others. For guys like me who missed them in past generations it's fantastic. Recently picked up Resident Evil 2 but I got a few games in front of that to play. The Re-booted Tomb Raider games were amazing in my books regardless if they are Uncharted clones!

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