What Remains of Edith Finch (game): Not really a game, but beautiful and tragic

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You can't really call this a game in that there isn't really any way to fail other than to not carry on. There is nothing that is going to chase you down and kill you. This is categorized as an adventure game, but it is more like a story that requires certain actions on your part in order to continue.


The Finch family is cursed and Edith Jr. is currently returning to her family home to reminisce and to allow us all access to the story of her family's tragic past (and present.) The untimely end of her various predecessors is presented to us in story form and we progress from room to room in the locked house to see the wonderfully-told stories of their demise.


The stories are just wonderful, the interactive scenes (or mini-games i suppose they could be considered) are easy yet visually incredible. Only one button is ever used and none of the gameplay would be considered even remotely difficult but it was never meant to be - it was meant to be a beautiful and sad story - and they achieve this in spades.

This game has won many awards and it deserves them all. It is extremely rare that a game feels like a haunting film that sticks with you for a while. The music, the scenery, the story, the narration, are all absolutely perfect. I didn't want it to end. I completed the game in just a few hours and I think most anyone else would experience the same. The game is short, but it is such a beautiful game that I am not even upset with them about that. Just like Breaking Bad, it was exactly as long as it needed to be in order to tell the story.

On scale of "Urgh!" to "Wowsers!" I give "What Remains of Edith Finch" a very well-deserved rating of....



I'll definitely have to check this game out after I clear my backlog out. So many games so little time! 2 years ago I played a few more indieish games and I enjoyed a heck of a lot of them but this one slipped me by.

If you really liked this game definitely check out Firewatch, it's another adventure game with a really good story that plays similar to this one. Also, I see PS4 in the tag. Hit me up if you ever wanna play a multiplayer game on there, dood.

writing down Firewatch now. Thanks for the tip!

No worries, man. I think PSN is doing a sale right now on a fair amount of games, might be able to get it on discount if you check sometime soon. If not, I think it's only, like, $20 when not on sale. So, not too bad either way.

Firewatch was fantastic. I got so involved in the relationship between the main character and the gal on the walkie! Plus I had no idea where the story was going. The intensity just kept ramping up. Really really great game!

Yeah, I went into it thinking it was going to have some spooks and supnatural shit going on. Instead it was just a lot of touching moments that made my penis flaccid and sad. Great game for sure, just wish it would have been a few hours longer.

The concept, relating it to gaming brings out an interesting aspect, which makes me wonder how gaming could related so much to human aspect, it's cool in my opinion.

I remember when Myst first came out and it was such a change from the other games that were out at the time. I was totally horrible at it, but I found myself fully immersed in it. You could tell they had spent a lot of time and attention on the graphics, sound, and music. I enjoyed Riven when it came out too. I've always been a fan of games like this.

Just so you know this game isn't really like those titles. Myst was quite difficult and this...well...is more of a work of art and is not difficult at all.

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Ah, okay, I gotcha.

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I've seen posts of this game and have read some reviews on the internet. Don't know if there is a PC version of the game though.