Holybread - Season 1 code update

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Hello players!

It looks like the open world (main Holybread.io game) is running very clean right now. NO crashes or bugs!

Arena Rewards

The Arena Reward bot is running right now. I moved it from a local development machine to a cloud server.
It has a few things that need to be improved (double voting on edits, etc...)
So more functionality will be added, but for now it is running and rewarding players for playing.

It currently has 11,225HP to vote with.
Our developer account @simplegame has another 3,243HP. This is used to upvote content about Holybread.

At this current power we are paying out over $10USD every week to our players and content producers.

We want to grow this as fast as possible so any premium or bread purchases will be 100% powered up to the 2 accounts at 50% each until the @simplegame account hits 5,000HP then all purchases will go to the @Holybread until it hits 50,000HP

Remember you can spend bread on purchasing skins for your items in the discord server under #item-skin-store

SEASON 1 Code / Beta Server

Our goal right now is to get a working Beta test server for Season 1 up ASAP!!!
We are shooting for just under 2 weeks from now.

We have gone back and forth on our design philosophy and goals during this process, we have finalized some of these decisions and things started to speed up.

One of the interesting things we have built is actual DUNGEON / MONSTER / ITEM creation software.
This lets us have designer's / Lore personal etc.. (NON-CODERS) use the software to create content for the game.!!!!

With the old code you have to go in and edit the base code to create new things.
If you are not a coder you may not understand what a big leap forward this is.
But for you coders out there, this really rocks and will speed up content creation.

What is the Season 1 going to look like?
Well, we have been working on core code so things are not very pretty right now but everything is based on python/django/DB model.

We are going to be using cards to display info. One thing we are going to be using is "flip-cards" so when you click the card turns around and shows you more info here is a front back for you to look at.
Screen Shot 20200807 at 4.13.46 PM.png

This screenshot shows how you assign your hero's to a different lineup or have them resting.

Adventure lineup is used for exploring Dungeons
On the right hand side under arena lineup you can see the front of a card and when you click on the card to flip it, it shows the back of the card with stats.

Our goal this week is to iron out a few bugs / faulty links etc..
Then add some artwork and let you quest! & Fight in the Arena!
While we build out the rest of the functionality.

This is a whole new direction for our game we hope you will enjoy it.

As always upvote this post to support development!
TIP us on peakd.com & BRAVE BROWSER
Tells your friends to join!

We hope we can become break even in the next 60 days. :)


As everyone here, I'm waiting for the new release... The game is fun, but a little bit too boring at the moment. Hopefully the new release will change this.

We agree. This was our 1st impression when we acquired the game on 5/22/2020.

Cool, I think the new set up will be good.

We do too. It gives us a code base that it is easier to change things on, and build off of.
Also with the Season's we can try things out and change them the next season if they don't work out.

Will open world have dungeons as well?

As we have discussed many times (all the way back to our 1st roadmap)
We want to replace the current Quest system.
Dungeons is our goal for this.

However we can not commit to moving them to the open world until we see how they perform during Season 1.

That look a new interface/screen compared to current game screen.

Yes it the game will have a whole new interface.
We are still working on artwork, colors, font, etc for the new interface.

will there be an option to change between dark and light? Or at least have a more consistent theme? Jumping from the dark blue of the main screen to the bright white of open arena isn't going to be pleasant on the eyes when the sun is down :(

Well colors/ graphics have not been implemented yet.
The screenshot is just for testing our code and doing a basic layout.

On the dark / light option. I had not even considered it.
I will put it on our list. From what it looks like it takes a little JS / CSS to implement.

Waiting for season 1 to start to play again the game!

A lot of people are.
It will be a whole new game and code we can grow on!
Remember every Season will bring new things.

That is very exciting!

The aim of the game is to find the right ingredients to stick the player like glue, the secret challenge!

I love to have a purpose.

Looking forward to dungeons!

Dungeons will be part of the beta test server.
They are working right now for exploring and battling, we are just working on the item-drops / final room mechanics.

Nice. I am looking foward to playing. :)

okay, finally some progress :)

Yes. The new code base took a while to build all the core functionality.
But now we are on to the UI

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