(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees! Plus Cool Cover Versions!

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Here is one of the coolest 60s Rock hits, often covered by many other bands.

I-I-I-I'm not your steppin' stone!

Great chord progression, angry lyrics, organ and guitar, pounding drums and bass, great vocals. It has it all! No wonder so many other bands have covered it.

The Monkees

Although Paul Revere & The Raiders recorded this in May of '66, it was The Monkees that had a Top 20 hit with this song written by prolific songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart later in 1966. It was actually a B-side of the extremely well known "I'm a Believer" A-side 45 RPM record by The Monkees.

Here it is! This looks like a segment of The Monkees TV show which featured this song. Get up and dance with everyone else in the video!

The Flies

Apparently The Flies were a band from the UK who recorded a little more fuzzed out moody version of Steppin' Stone. Check out this trippy 60s cover!

Minor Threat

One of the very first Hardcore Punk bands, Minor Threat from Washington DC did a cool raw harder faster punkier version of Steppin' Stone in the very early 80s. For more Minor Threat, check out their song also called Minor Threat and also I Don't Wanna Hear It (language warning!).

Velvet Starlings!

This cover version of Steppin' Stones is less than a year old. Played perfectly by
These young cool rockers from LA, it has the organ and guitar and attitude, but also has a face ripping guitar solo near the end. From a Live performance, enjoy the Velvet Starlings; get ready to ROCK! \m/

Read more about Steppin' Stone at this wikipedia article.


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