Garden Transformation

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Hi guys, today has been an epic day, and on another plus, it didn't rain the whole time I was working on this job.

It started a few weeks ago when I was contacted by a friend who told me about a garden that needed tidying, I went to have a look and this is what I found the garden to be like.




This garden was a weed nightmare and needed something doing to it, I was more than happy to help, and a quick conversation I got the idea of what my customer was looking for.

I made a number of phone calls to get some 20mm gravel and finally I was able to book the customer in with a date and a time.

I don't know what it is where you are but it is hard to come by because we have gone through Brexit and everyone seems to have either put their prices up or don't have it in stock.

I started by digging out all the daffodils and covering the weeds with a good quality weed suppressant that would keep them at bay, and using a bucket I started to add the gravel to the garden, I did it all by hand and bucket and managed to shift 750kgs of pebbles.

here take a look.







And using my trusty Stanley knife I went around all the garden making sure there was no white showing, I even tucked it in to make it look tidy.

While I was doing this job a neighbor came out and told me he loved it and might have to do his soon.

so here is the final result.



I'm really happy with the result, it has changed the garden completely and makes it stand out.

what do you guys think?


Very nice job, mate. Like the way you tackled the weed beds. I did a similar thing with my own garden boarders but used wood chips.

Wood chips work mate, but after time they compost down and you have to top up the beds and weeds like to grow in it. but anything to keep them away is a plus to me mate as I hate weeding. :D

wood chips work well mate, you have to top them off every couple of years as they compost down, but anything to keep them weeds at bay. :D

I didn’t know wood chip did that, but there’s a lot a don’t know when it comes to gardening 🧑‍🌾 I lived at one place which was infested with knot weeds! OMG it drove me crazy. Still, there’s not much that beats a good looking garden after some hard work.

knotweed is a hard weed mate, I have mares tale down the allotment and that nearly ruined me, I ended up spraying it with white vinegar to try and keep it at bay, but it still kept coming.

A flamethrower might be a good idea

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wow you have a beautiful garden love your place brother..

you have a nice garden @artonmysleeve