I am SOO SOO happy my Coffee Plants survived the hurricane! And Happily Other Trees and Plants that did not are Already Budding Back!

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Pictured above some pretty red coffee beans on my coffee bush! It is now about 4 feet tall after 3 years of growth. Another Steemian reminded me today how fortunate I am to live in the tropics. He is so right, especially regarding sustainability. Two to three growing seasons a in a year, and I can grow super cool things like COFFEE!

We were not sure we could grow coffee here in South Central Florida but three years later here is the proof! We were eating fresh coffee beans in Ecuador three summers back which gave us incentive to try growing our own here in Florida.
But some of my other tropicals did not do so well. ; /

But for some of my tropicals there has been a happy ending of renewed life. Check out this cool picture of my decapitated papaya. It was my biggest female producing plant (females give the fruit) and my favorite, as I can see it from my kitchen window. BUT GOD In his amazing abundance has given it new life...so happy! You can see the bright green new growth budding out on the top half of the trunk. The same is happening with this banana. It had completely drooped in half, doubled over, so we chopped the broken half off and as you can see right behind the trimmed trunk a whole new set of shoots are sprouting up just weeks later. :)

I hope this post finds all of you as equally blessed!
Happy Day!
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Jealous am I. Bananas, bananas, bananas - I so want to grow bananas.

But banana growing opportunties in Wales are limited....

The mini variety in a pot on a porch would work but as you say limited. But I can't grow apples or peaches...I have tried the University of Florida hybrids several times and they flop! God gives all ...various treasures!
Happy Day!

I think I am going to try and plant an orange tree and see how it does here in Middle Ga. Love that you grow your own cup of coffee.

Only about a cup though, LOL "It is the novelty that is fun" ...as stated by @Hethur240 above!

I have a coffee bush too! But it stays in a pot and I bring it in for winter. The shorter growing season for us means it's only 2 feet tall after growing for 2 years. I do hope to eventually get some berries from it though! I know I won't have enough to roast or anything. The novelty of it is enough for me.

Yeah, as I mentioned above I will only get probably one cup of coffee. LOL My little treasures are being collected one by one and set in the window sill to dry. Then I will figure out what to do next. You are correct, It was more of could I grow this, now that I know I can maybe I will get more bushes, as, so far so good! The berries are really tasty! I hope yours gives you berries next summer. I bet it will! :)
Thank you for sharing,

The idea of an edible "house plant" really appeals to me. I'm excited! Thanks for the encouragement!

Oh the capacity of plants to survive is just inspirational isn't it! Those sprouting broken trees say it all!
Bananas are pretty unstoppable though haha

They are unstoppable ..thank goodness. Water has been their biggest issue this spring and early summer, our little micro climate on my side of town was unusually dry...Just 10 miles north was soaking wet. Must have been God taking care as we are drenched now...Can not imagine how wet we would have been otherwise!
He is good all of the time,

You might get enough beans on the coffee plant to roast and coat with dark chocolate for your own use. Chocolate covered espresso beans sell here for $8.99 a lb. I love them while driving cross country. They give me a boost without having to hit the rest stops as aften.

Brilliant Idea! Thank you...maybe with those I collect, it looks like it will be 40-50 I will make a gift for my husband as he loves dark chocolate. Thank you for the inspiration. Was not sure what to do with them since there will not be that many this first year.
Thank you!

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Thank you sir!