The Story of Two Wolves

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In my early recovery I heard this story time and time again.

The analogy that was used was that the wolf full of fear, anger, etc was my disease. And the wolf full of hope, happiness, etc. was my soul.

So it was either feed my disease or feed my soul.

Whichever I chose to feed determined the outcome of my life.

For so long I chose to feed that wolf that was my disease.

I nearly let it win, I almost lost my life.

Finally I was tired of living that life and since then I’ve been focusing on only feeding that good wolf.

They still fight within me everyday but as long as I don’t feed into my disease I know I will never fail.

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The body-mind connection is very powerful, we must visualize the well-being in our organism, it is possible to cure many illnesses in this way or at least prevent the malaise from winning us over.

yes indeed, a lot of illnesses are linked to our mental states. It makes a lot of sense

Yes, that's why the best thing to do is to keep your spirits up and your mind strong, as you say, not to feed that wolf of fear and anger.