life is not easy but happy(wisdom thoughts by mrblu) orig content.

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"life is full of challenges but despite every hardship we found strength."

strength to hold on for our loved ones and for ourselves.

life is not a bed of roses but it's beautiful when we accept all the simple things in life and be contented on what you have.

Don't dream to be rich, but dream all the happiness in life together with your family and friends.

Learn to appreciate every happy moment in your life.

Always give time to yourself and to your family.

This is the most important factor in how to have a happy life.

always Think on positive ways in life even things are not ok, just keep moving on and let your smile shine
with your positive threads on how to overcome some problems in life with true wisdom and productivity.

Focus on what you have, apply more passion for things you will be happy, and share the blessing to everyone.

Focus also on to your health and healthy lifestyle.

Poem of life advice:

life is like white and black
white for harmony
black for sorrow
but when you combine it
it will result in a new color,
full of hope and love.

things need to balance
holding for something to care,
life is short.
make good things better for a day.
do not worry about tomorrow
cause tomorrow is just another day
to face.

Smile and make yourself worthy
Be happy, stop worrying
leave it to the Grace of God in heavens
and work for your goals.