Turn to be bluer than blue ^_^

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Searching for the right path of my journey

at the center point of my decision

where do I go from here?

where do I stay?

what should I do?

to make something new?

the past keep hurting me?

but I need to be strong

to face all the challenges that life comes along.

holding my tears away

my heart will be getting free

I must be free from the system

to take away my fears,

I need to go on, I need to fight

to finish my race in life.

the journey is not too easy.

I need to set the flow, to balance everything.

whatever the decision I made, remember with no regrets

to live life, with joy and happiness

stay calm to turn to be bluer than blue.

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The path is not an easy way to tread. It's like a bed of roses with thorns that could prick your heart so take heed my friend.

yes, madam, it is not easy to be me..^_^

We're all unique creations of God and that makes us special

life is full of surprises, turn to be upside and down, but hey!! cheer up...God's plans are amazing.
seek him 1st the kingdom of God and all those your heart's desire will yours.