The Inevitable

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The Inevitable

Excerpt Chapter from “The Narrow Gate”

Behold the inevitable. The inevitable is the unavoidable or inescapable. In this universe, there is only one absolute: everything is born out of sex. In the name of truth, sex is inevitable. No one can escape sex. No one can avoid sex. No one can avoid his or her spouse of their respective, opposite gender. A man is made for a woman, as a woman is made for a man. Even a woman is inevitable. It is also true for those who are hypersexual or those with very strong sexual behavior. Those who try to avoid sex or women are truly infrasexuals. Infrasexuals are humanoids, not true humans, whose sexual seed (or sexual behavior) has degenerated.

There are only three paths. You have the left-hand path, the right-hand path, and the narrow path.

Those trying to avoid sex (and/or their women respectively) are right-hand adepts. All right-hand adepts are infrasexuals. All right-hand adepts are prone to sex crimes due to the behavior of sexual energy. Sexual energy cannot be contained nor repressed. If anyone represses his or her sexual energy, the sexual energy will express itself destructively: through the mind, through anger, or through sexual degeneration. It is the repression of sexual energy responsible for all sexual crimes. The Right-Hand Path is similar to Grey Tantra; when sexual energy is repressed, the right-hand path leads into the left-hand path. Repression of sexual energy is also similar in fighting against the inevitable; those who fight against the inevitable will never be victorious, only defeat and suffering await the right-hand adepts. As a result, it is virtually impossible to avoid sex.

He who accepts that sex is inevitable is truly a magician. Whenever I say he, the same is said for a woman. For one who accepts sex as inevitable, he will not be defeated by anyone morally rejecting sex (both Right-Hand Paths and infrasexuals). Yet, there are only two types of magicians who accept sex as inevitable: white magicians and black magicians.

A black magician is a magical practitioner who not only accepts sexuality as inevitable but also recommends fornication. A black magician is a left-hand adept. A male black magician is a sorcerer or a warlock. A female black magician is a sorceress or a witch. A black magician employs the use of magic to fortify and serve his Guardian of the Threshold. The Guardian of the Threshold is Satan, Ego, devil, or the sinning “I”. A black magician has a very sharp intellect and shows no respect for someone's free will. A black magician practices black tantra with his partner in order to awaken the Abominable Mother Kundabuffer. The Kundabuffer is the abominable tail of Satan awakened by fornication. In the end, the black magician will pass through the second death.

A white magician is a magical practitioner who only accepts sex as inevitable, but does not succumb to nor serve sexual desire. The White magician is the only magician that recommends sexual transmutation. The white magician is neither a right-hand adept nor a left-hand adept, but a narrow-path adept. A female white magician is also called the virgin. A white magician employs the use of magic to liberate others from the pain and sufferings of the world through sacrifice for others. The white magician's only true master is his Innermost. A white magician practices white tantra with a partner of one's opposite sex in order to awaken the Kundalini.

How one accepts sex is either the two paths. One cannot accept both paths of sexuality. The two paths are like oil and water that cannot be mixed. One can choose either sexual transmutation or fornication. Sex can create or destroy. Sex can create a fiery chariot to heaven or pave a road to the abyss. Sex can be modest or immodest. Sex can be love or lust.

The pentagram represents the sexual behavior of a man. The superior star represents the brain dominating sex or sexual transmutation. The inferior star represents sex dominating the brain, or sexual desire.

The two paths represent the 16th Hebrew letter Ayin, ע. Ayin means to see or experience. Ayin is the inevitability of sex, whose expression is either chastity or fornication. It also reminds us of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or in Hebrew Otz Ha'Da'ath Tob Ve'ra (עץ הדעת טוב ורע). Sex itself is knowledge. Because knowledge is power, it is sex which amounts to power.

One cannot also avoid women either. A woman can either be a virgin or a prostitute. One can marry either a virgin or a prostitute. The virgin is the woman who practices sexual transmutation. The prostitute is the woman who remorselessly spills her divine energy through fornication; all prostitutes are witches. A woman is either the narrow path or the adulterous path of destruction. This is defined on the sixth card of the Tarot: Indecision. One chooses his path by his causality, or by his own free will.

For those who want to enter the narrow path, you know that sex is inevitable. However, sex is not desired either. In the name of truth, sex is undesirable but also inevitable at the same time. The same is true for a woman: a woman is undesirable and inevitable. The narrow path is not desire nor aversion. The narrow path is stronger than both Right-hand and Left-hand Paths. Because sex cannot be avoided nor desired, one must transmute his sexual energies daily; or if one has a spouse, he and his wife must perform the penile-vaginal connection without spilling the divine energy daily. This is called “having (sacred) sex” or the definition of the Arcanum A.Z.F.. Because a woman is not avoided nor desired, it is imperative that one must have a spouse to love and to never put asunder in order to awaken the Kundalini. True love must be brought within the holy sexual union. If you have any residue of sexual desires within you, all sexual desires must be killed by transmuting that fallen energy into the will to practice sexual transmutation and the Arcanum A.Z.F..

We will conclude that having sex with your partner of the opposite sex is good for you. Having daily sex with your spouse is also good for you. Having a sexual connection between man and woman is good and healthy for the sexual organs. Sexual aversion is bad for you. Sexual aversion is grave and unhealthy to your sexual organs. In addition, fornication is also bad for you. Fornication is also unhealthy and grave unto the sexual organs. In the name of truth, sexual aversion and fornication are abominable unto the Innermost. Also in the name of truth, having sex is the middle point or the narrow path. Having sex with your spouse is a legitimate human right, never a privilege or a license. It is immoral to license sexual intercourse or make sexual intercourse a privilege. Remember, the brain must dominate sex. Know that good is pure, and bad is impure. That is all.

It is written for you to comprehend that sex is never avoided nor desired. In order to kill sexual desires, you must comprehend the very nature of sex. Sex is the biological function of both man and woman. The laws of the body cannot be changed. Once you accept sex as inevitable, then you truly are a magician. In the name of truth, sex is inevitable.


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