These warriors were wonderful in the Mahabharata, these wives

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In the Mahabharata, there is love in relationships on one hand and on the other hand blood relations are murdered. The story of the Mahabharata is also strange. In the Mahabharata, you can see the conflicts of family and relationships. Come know that about the women of Mahabharata who were awesome. That's because they did not even manage relationships despite having everything, but played a wonderful role in the entire Mahabharata.

Ganga: Ganga was the first wife of Shantanu Being attracted to the beauty of the Ganga, asked to marry Shantanu's Ganga, which the Ganga has accepted. But Ganga kept three conditions too. The first is that he will never question them. Secondly, they will not stop the Ganga from doing any work, whether it is good or bad. Third condition is that if they break any one or two of the previous two conditions, they will leave them forever. Now, whatever son was born from Ganga, he used to shed them in the river. In this way 7 sons did not live after Shantanu and he stopped the eighth son from shedding and asked the question. Then the Ganga told that it was the eight Vasus who had to take birth on the earth due to a curse, but even when I was able to get them released by flooding in the river. But now you have violated the conditions, so this eight son is returning to you and now in heaven again. In this way the eighth son was named Debavrata, which later became Bhishma's father-in-law.

Satyavati: Satyavati, wife of Raja Shantanu, was a Nishad girl. Before marrying Shantanu, he gave birth to great sage Vedavas by associating with Parashar Muni. Shantanu died then Satyavati received two sons from Shantanu. The first son was born ill, but the second son was the two wives of the strange woman, Ambika and Ambalika. If both of them had no children, Satyavati had conveyed conception to Ambika and Ambalika from Vedavasa, the son born to her sage Parashar. Pandu was born from Ambika to Dhritarashtra and Ambalika, while during this period, a slave girl was named Vindur due to Vedavas. Now imagine that one of these three sons, when there was no son in Dhritarashtra, only 99 sons and 1 daughter was born by the grace of Vedavyaas. All this was amazingly Satyavati.

Kunti: After Satyavati, Gandhari and Kunti played an active role in the politics and diplomacy of the palace. It is considered auspicious because in the way he made the place for his five sons in the palace, the story is also amazing. Despite not being the son of Pandu Pandu, the five were not only given the place in the palace of Hastinapur, but also arranged for their education and initiation. For this, she had to fight a very long fight. First of all, when Pandu was unable to produce a son from his wife Kunti and Madri due to a curse. Then Kunti called the Gods and gave birth to three sons. Yudhisthira from Dharmaraj gave birth to Indra from Arjun, Pawandev and Bhima. This way, Karna was born before the marriage of Karna. Kunti also inspired Madri for this and Madri called for two Ashwini Kumar, which led to Nakula and Sahdev. Pandu and Madri had died in the forest itself. After the death of both, Kunti turned to Hastinapur and the story started from here started the new story of his struggle.

Draupadi: It is said that in the self, Draupadi wanted to put a vermilion in the neck of Karna, but in the meeting, after Karna was called a yarn of dowry, Draupadi changed her decision and she got into a state of confusion. Finally Draupadi got married to five Pandavas. The story of marriage with the five Pandavas of Draupadi was also strange, but more strange than that, Draupadi retained the image of herself even after marrying five Pandavas, and not only kept her own existence alive till the end, but the Mahabharata's His name was also recorded in history. Apart from Draupadi, there were also wives on the side of Pandavas, but Draupadi kept raising his strength. Five sons (respectively, incarnate, Sutasom, Shrutkitri, Sathnik and Shrutkarma) were born by the Pandavas, who were well known as sub-pandavas.

Pandora: Duryodhan's wife did not want to get married to Pandit Duryodhana. Duryodhana had married for his removal. As Pandora was beautiful, she was also well versed in war and wrestling arts. It is also famous that Pandora was a friend of Karna. This idiom has made the idiom because of Pandora - Somewhere in the brick of the brick, Pandora added the Kunba. Pandora's son Laxman and a daughter were Lakshmana. Lakshmana had married Sushma's son Sambhala and Laxman wanted Vatsala, daughter of Balram, but she could not marry him. Vatsala was married to Shrikrishna's nephew Abhimanyu. Balram wanted that Vatsala be married to Lakhman, son of Duryodhana.

Gandhari has told in the Sati festival that Pandora used to wrestle with Duryodhana in sports and in which Duryodhana was defeated many times. Pandora had a deep shock of the death of Duryodhana and son Laxman. But after such a legend he also gets to hear that Pandora married one of the Pandavas to Arjun.

Vrushali and Supriya: Karna had two wives. The charioteer of Duryodhana's chariot was the wife of Satusen's sister, Vaishali Karna, who took the tomb after the death of Karna on Chita. She was very kind and intelligent. Karna's second wife was Supriya. This was Duryodhan's wife Pandora's best friend. It is believed in Vrushali that he had advised Draupadi that you leave the palace and go to your father or brother's place. But Draupadi did not accept his advice. Draupadi was removed after a few days.

Other wives of Pandavas: Apart from Draupadi, Pandavas also had different wives. Yudhishthar's second wife was Devika. Born to Devdas, the son of Dhodhay, from Devika Arjun had three more wives named Subhadra, Ulupi and Chitrangada. Abhimanyu from Subhadra, Irawat from Ulupi and sons of Vrbhuvahan were born from Chitrangada. Bhima had two more wives named Himimba and Balandhra. Sarvang was born from Hodimba to Ghatotakch and Balandhra. Nakula had a wife named Kareumati. A son named Nirmatitra was born from Karaumati. Sahdev's second wife's name was Vijaya, so that he got a son called Suhotram.

Subhadra: Subhadra was the sister of Krishna who had married Krishna's friend Arjun, while Balram wanted Subhadra to be married to Kaurava Kul. Only after the persecution of Balram, Krishna had defeated Subhadra at Arjun's hands. Later Arjun's marriage was completed with Subhadra in Dwarka. After the marriage, he stayed in Dwarka for one year and spent the rest of the time in Pushkar area. After 12 years, he returned to Indraprastha with Subhadra. Krishna's sister Subhadra and wife Satyabhama were important roles in the Mahabharata.

Satyabhama: Satyabhama was Lord Krishna's wife. The daughter of King Sartajit was made one of the three Maharanias of Sri Krishna. The name of the son of Satyabhama was Bhanu. Where else Satyabhama had the pride of being a princess of his beautiful and noble family, Goddess Aditi had received a boon from her age, which led to she became even more arrogant. In the Mahabharata, his character emerges because he took an interest in politics and politics. Once Narakasur was killed, Shrikrishna went to heaven and Indra presented him with a flower of Parijat. That flower Krishna gave to Goddess Rukmini. Goddess Aditya gave blessings to the goddess Satyabhama, from the Godavaya. Then Naradaji came and told Satyabhama about Paranyat floral that due to the influence of that flower goddess Rukmini has also become eternal. This knowledge was provoked by the truthfulness and Shrikrishna began to insist on taking a decade old tree. In this way many stories of truthfulness are popular. Satyabhama's pride was broken by estimation.

Urvashi: Urvashi is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Urvashi was an ossuary. Urvashi had loved Parmarva from Arjuna's Purvarva. Overshee and Pururwa have been living together as husband wife for a long time. His nine sons were born, Amavasu, Shrutayu, Vedhayya, Vishway, Shatayu etc. At one time Arjuna was present in the meeting of Arjun Indra. Right there Urvashi saw Arjuna and he became enchanted. Urvashi pleaded for Arjun before the court, Kunti Arjun rejected the request by saying that I consider you as a mother. Upon hearing this Urvashi got angry. Therefore, because of not wanting his wish, Urvashi cursed Arjuna that you will remain impotent for one year.

Ulupi: The name of Arjun's fourth wife was Ulupi. It is said that Ulupi was Jalparee Nagkanya. He gave Arjuna the gift of being harmless in water. After killing his master Bhishma Pitamah in the Mahabharata war, after being cursed by Brahma's son, Alupi had curse Arjuna only, and after his death in his son, Ulupi had revived Arjuna. According to Vishnu Purana, Arjun from Ulupi gave birth to a son named Irrawat. This is what Iavana considers to be all deity of India as its deity. Ulupi was with Arjuna till the time of his departure.

Chitrangada: Manipur was the daughter of king Chitrakshah, daughter of Chintigada. When Arjun arrived in Manipur, he was fascinated by seeing Chitrangada. They asked the king for the hand of his daughter. Raja Chitragahan said to Arjuna that this marriage will be on condition that any child born after marriage will remain with me. Because our total family has only one child. This is my daughter. Now the children born from this will sit on the throne of our state. Indeed, in the era of our ancestors, there is a king named Prajnana. He had done penance through the wishes of the son, Shiva gave a boon to his son and said that only one child would be born in every generation. So my child is only this girl. Arjun accepted the condition and got married to Chitrangada. After some time she had a son. His name was 'Babhruvahan'. After the birth of his son, Arjuna left his burden on Chitrangada and returned to his kingdom.

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