A goood morning everyone

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I have to admit it has been a while since I woke up on a Saturday without my head feeling like some dwarfs opened a hammer factory in it.

While my friends are complaining about their hangovers I had a pretty good start into my day.

I did not make it to the BJJ session today but I went for a short run, swim and sauna in the facilities of my appartment complex.

I have posted this picture before but I assure you the pool and Sauna still looks the same


The run was either long or fast but more to conquer the inner bitch and the rest came easy afterwards.


I listened to a podcast the other day...and they interviewed the guy who runs Steemleo. He mentioned that it is important that you use the frontend of the tribe you want to support the most. You can of course use all the tags you want but for the ads and the burning of the tokens which comes with it, the traffic seems to be important.

I did not know that before and maybe someone else either, so now you know.


Atleast you were able to spend a portion of your time doing exercise. Mine was focused primarily playing on volleyball last week too.

Support your sports post (by SPORTS Token and MARLIANS Token)

支持你的贴子(by MARLIANS)

Well done mate - i certainly have a hangover at the moment :-)

was it worth it?

not at all, still headache after a couple of days

I am pretty sure the day after tomorrow I will know how you felt

You are right sir, tags shouldn't be used for using sake. In supporting tribes, there is need for revelation. You need to have deep understanding of ghe focus the tribe. @flipstar.sports is doing great on the sports tribe. Keep the good work.

You got a workout in and that is great even it wasn't BJJ.

I try not to listen to anything when I run, but listening to a podcast may not be a bad idea since I could probably learn a lot that way.

Good morning from this part of the world too.

where is this part located?

West Africa,...Nigeria to be precise.

It feels so much better to wake up early without headache and do something meaningful with your day. Good on you! :)

lets see how long it lasts.

Evil flipstar is going nowhere this fast but so far so good

der Teufel lebt auch nach wie vor in mir, aber ich lass ihn halt nicht mehr raus! :)