Street art/ Graffiti at Baldwin beach in Paia, Maui

in #graffiti6 years ago

I always admired this graffiti that was painted all over these concrete ruins at the beach specifically Baldwin beach in Paia, Maui. I don't know what it is but there is a element of mystery with street artists who seem to be motivated not by fame and fortune but by the love and enjoyment of the art they are creating. They seem to care about the meaning behind the work..sticking it to the man as well as expressing themselves in a daring and rebellious way. Life is so short and tomorrow is not promised to any of us and so is the nature of street art where even the most amazing works of art filled with spirt and heart can be painted over as if the art is trash meant to be cleaned up but, I don't believe that. I believe that even though it can be short lived it can have an important place in modern American culture, the personality of the city as well as the subconscious existence of all who witness and are influenced by its existence. The art is a experience and the complete message it communicates is not just in the work its self but by the setting and context surrounding the work, the people passing by and what they bring to it as well as the hidden anonymity of the artists and the persecution that the individual to do what they do. Something cool about these paintings in particular is that the concrete its painted on seems to have sort of a wood like grain that adds a nice texture to the work. The little girl in the picture is my sweet little daughter who I love with all my heart. I like the colors they used, sitting next to these listening to the ocean waves and soaking in some vitamin D is a nice way to pass the time.



I too have a great appreciation for street art and there are some wonderful photos of street art around the world here on steemit! Love to see these photos right side up ;-)

Thank you for your comment natureofbeing..I will be sure to check out more of the street art photos from around the world here on Steemit. I appreciate all kinds of art but sometimes I appreciate more the unrecognized artist who is communicating that powerful satirical message.