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Today I’m grateful for our family and friends, two and four-legged. 😊 I’m grateful that we are having fun with our new pasta maker, I made macaroni noodles for our supper and dehydrated what was left after eating last night, for some reason I found the dough oozing out very hypnotic…is it just me or does it feel that way to anyone else while they’re making their pasta? 😊 I’m grateful for productive, if somewhat painful, day we had here; there were several walks involved; (both with the dogs and on my own while taking the garbage to the curb and retrieving the can after the disposal specialist came by,) plus laundry, dishes and vacuuming which is why I said painful, my back and knees are complaining to me as I type this. 😊 I’m grateful for the lovely breeze that came with the sunshine after the fog burned off this morning, it made being outside very pleasant and helped keeps the bugs at bay too. 😊 I’m grateful for these and for all the other blessings in our lives. 😊 Most of all, I’m grateful to God for blessing us with another day to share. 😊

God bless you all. 😊 Have an awesome day everyone! 😊
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(All photos taken by me or for me by my handsome husband on my Samsung S20FE5G.)