This is one of my favorite photographs of Roatan Island, Honduras.

Photograph by @paradise-found

From the elevated island center, you can see the amazing blue of the Caribbean Sea at Pristine Bay. Pristine Bay is also the location of the Black Pearl Golf Course. I love the way the stucco rooftops of the Pristine Bay Resort contrast with the lush green fairways of the golf course set against the vivid blue of the vast Caribbean Sea.

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What a beautiful photo, and agreed; the contrast of colors of the island with the blue sea just behind, reminds me of a perfect post card! I found you, and the #gratefulvibes community, thanks to a post by @frostyamber. She had used my #thoughtfuldailypost movement tag, and I always try to visit those who use my tag...

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Roatan is a marvelous destination! What a great image you got of its beauty.


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