Guilty - Steemit Problems

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The police officer was found guilty. I thought George Floyd died of a drug overdose.

Steemit is having problems.

Steemwallet is mostly down. :(

Steemd is also down.


Tuesday 4-20-21



Steem wallet is up for me. I think STEEMD is always down, I quit looking at that years ago.

You gave up on Steemit?

Not 100%, I still post there a little bit. I kept 1% of my steem. Everyone said it was junk, centralized and going to the ground. I assumed they were correct, so moved here. I do like the TRX rewards, considering TRX is moving. HIVE seems to be profitable as a coin so far, I got in at 10 cents and 20 cents, and it has gone up.

The whole Justin Sun thing made me worry that one day he would just jack the money. I saw him Gert rid of accounts like markymark, so I thought what if he gets confused and deletes my account too. STEEM is unlimited, I don't see how the price is really going anywhere in the long run. I guess we could say the same for HIVE, however there are a few communities on HIVE like POB where there are actually a limited amount of coins maxed out at a supply of 21 million, so that should make all the difference.

It's hard to post on a lot of frontends at the same time, so I had to make a decision. All my friends moved to HIVE, it was lonely over there in steemit with all those foreign asian font posts cluttering up the main feed. I was sure STEEM was going back to 8 cents, and I was gonna buy the steem back for cheap, it's rigged how STEEM ended up going up higher than HIVE as soon as I left, so I never got to re-up - very strange! lol haha

I just did a steemit post, I went to check my old Steem-engine wallet, and was shocked, every coin in there turned out to be a worthless exit scam token. Even NOBLE, WTF? They all suck!!!!! I don't want anything to do with steemit. Also this makes me really worried about investing in any hive engine tokens. There is a great chance that history repeats and these token developers just abandon ship. They did it once, so they could so it again. The only one I think has potential is POB, but what's to stop them from just flipping the switch one day and saying, sorry we're closing down??