Authentika : Immortalizes your creations !

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This period of confinement is suitable for the development of all kinds of projects and @themarkymark's initiative to launch a hackathon, allowed us to embark on the creation of a tool that we had wanted to implement for a while. @laruche team took this opportunity to launch the Authentika project. Jointly built by three members with an artistic background, the role of this service will be to propose a genuine certificate generator system on the Hive blockchain. A relatively easy way for everyone outside the blockchain to certify their creations. For the time being, @authentika will mainly focus on artistic creation but we are thinking of extending this system to other sectors in the future.

This project was not without it's difficulties since it is a France/Quebec collaboration. We therefore leave it to you to guess the various problems inherent to time difference. The team is composed of :

@authentika was built in a week's work. This tool will be partially self-financed by the publication of daily reports on it's use. Because yes, we have to pay for the infrastructures linked to its operation ! We hope with all our heart that you will take as much pleasure in using it as we took pleasure in setting it up. Without further delay, let's move on to the technical part, if you don't mind.

How to use it:

It's really easy to get a digital signature for your file with Authentika !
Go to Authentika's website and fill out the form.

You will then receive an automated email which contains the link to authenticate you.
You can now upload your file. It will be placed in a folder that is not browseable by the web server and will be deleted after the cert generation.


Technical parts

Authentika is based on Slim 4 PHP framework & use Beempy (made by the great @holger80) to sign all the customjson.

In this project, we use :
PHP Framework : Slim Framework4.4.0 with Slim PSR7 and PHP-DI
Template engine : Slim Twig-view
CSS Framework : Milligram 1.3.0
Mailer : PHPMailer

You can find the source code on the Github Repo.

Authentika create a custom JSON file with informations from the first form, some informations from the uploaded file (name / size / MIME type) and his SHA512 checksum.


Of course, Authentika is HTML5 Valid, CSS3 Valid and WCAG2.0-AA compliant.

What's next ?

After the hackathon, we want to made more updates to create a real project. So, what's next with Authentika ?

  • Internationalization
  • Create a printable cetificate with signature (made with GD2 Library)
  • Create automatic statistics posts on official @authentika account
  • Make a real-time sign checker
  • Add some security & performances tweaks
  • New design

Stay tuned Hivers !

Special thanks

Many thanks to LaRuche community and @wackou for his help.
Very big thanks to @holger80 for his help and his BEEM project
Big Thanks to @Lemouth for his advices
Covid-19 & Lockdown for time gained
And many thanks to all of the supporters <3

Authentika Website
Authentika Github Repo
Laruche Discord


Congratulations !

This is a great achievement and I know some artists here needed it !

@overkillcoin you should tag all the artsy gang !

On behalf of the @hodlcommunity: BRAVO !

This is a really cool and handy tool that appears user friendly. Exactly what the blockchain needs! I hope y'all win!

Interesting concept and great idea for this type of hackathon thing..@

Woah this seems really good, well done guys !

Thank you very much! @authentika
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Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈🎉!

Hard to understand why big HIVE whales 🐳 are not helping you out 😣.



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