Happy Monday💐

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Hi friends.

I have decided that I want to change some things in my life and that requires commitment and discipline. It is also necessary to let go of everything that doesn't do us good and one of those things is to start the week by giving thanks very early in the morning. I don't know what destiny has in store for me for the next few days, but I do know that I am ready to start in the best way possible.

I want to thank God for the opportunity he gives me every day to grow and become a strong and determined woman. I want to thank Him for my daily healing and for the way He works in me and my loved ones. I also want to thank Him for the will with which I have dawned this day and that I want it to last forever.

With love,

Rima, E.



Hola amigos.

He decidido que quiero cambiar algunas cosas en mi vida y eso requiere compromiso y disciplina. También es necesario desprenderse de todo lo que no nos hace bien y una de esas cosas es empezar la semana dando las gracias desde muy temprano. No sé qué me depara el destino para los próximos días, pero sí sé que estoy dispuesta a empezar de la mejor manera posible.

Quiero agradecer a Dios la oportunidad que me da cada día de crecer y convertirme en una mujer fuerte y decidida. Quiero agradecerle por mi curación diaria y por la forma en que trabaja en mí y en mis seres queridos. También quiero agradecerle por la voluntad con la que he amanecido este día y que quiero que dure para siempre.

Con amor,

Rima, E.


Amen! 🙏
Hope you are well.
Wishing you better and happy days dear! 🙏❤️
Happy Easter! 😀

Edits: Praying that all is well with during your absence in blogging. 🙏

The life that we go through certainly has various twists and turns to live it, serving all destiny, being an advantage in the principle of living life, sometimes living a lot of mistakes with Realizing that we are against destiny, we should be grateful for all the destiny that God has given because that is the best in life.I'm happy to share with you give me a lot of motivation in carrying out this task.

I hope you always have a nice day

I am very touched by what you wrote today, we really have to be grateful to him, may you always be healthy, friend..

Our greatest gratitude is knowing that we are healthy when we open our eyes to the world every morning.

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Happy Monday!! Change is uncomfortable but usually ends up being really good 👍 Keep it up!

Wow. Lovely capture. I really love this particular Designs. It reminds me of my Late dad 😭😭

I always hope the best for you 😇
GBU miss @rima11 🤗

Happy Easter! 😇
May God hear your gratitude! May the angels always protect you!
I wish you strength, success and happiness! 🙏❤️

I hope you have a good monday

Discipline is part of success
hope your days are fun

Hello @rima11
Did you mean to unfollow me?
i know there's sometimes a delay when clicking follow button, so sometimes people click it twice, resulting in follow and unfollow!

Sat Nam

how are you friend @rima11 , hope you are always fine. I really miss you and your posts, but I see in the last few months you haven't posted, I always peek at your posts, I learned a lot from your posts, hopefully when you make posts I can learn from you. Thank you

how are you friend @rima11 . I really miss you. How are you, I hope you are always fine. I often see your posts over and over again, because for me here I can learn a lot. and I also always peek at your latest posts. Thank You.

That's right, discipline and enthusiasm are the main because this world is not enough to be faced with a smile.
Hope you stay healthy and believe that a bright future is waiting for you.

thank you very much mom @rima11 for giving 100% support to my post. this is certainly very useful for me, I don't know where to thank you but I can only say in this comment. I always pray for you.

Hi @rima11
Many good things you have shared on your blog. But it's been 3 months, I can't find your posts anymore.
Are you very busy?

The beautiful art of Flowers, Greetings My Friend @rima11 😁