Hard fork 25 just happened ! What is your favorite feature ?

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I am glad to report that hard fork 25 just happened, so far no hiccups have been detected by the witnesses, our witness @steempress is running smoothly and I'm in the process of updating the backup nodes that were still on hard fork 24 just in case we needed to rollback.

A ton of work has been poured into this hard fork and I am so glad to finally see it go live. It's featuring my biggest feature yet (recurrent transfers) and I hope a lot of people will build on it. I'd like to thank @blocktrades's team for their patience in reviewing my code for the various changes.

And @blocktrade's team also built a lot of new features into this hard fork, what is your favorite ?

  • hive -> hbd conversion
  • old governance vote expiration
  • changes to the curation window
  • only pay hbd interest on savings
  • recurrent transfers
  • allow shortening the end date of a proposal

(full changelog here: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/tags/v1.25.0)

If I wasn't biased towards recurrent transfers, I think I'd be torn between old vote expiration and curation windows. Both are great changes that I'm sure wil have a positive impact on the way governance and voting will happen.

Now we'll focus on hf26, and hf25.1 we still have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline, for me that will be direct RC delegations :)



Yeah, that was a smooth HF. For me, the changes to the Curation window are an exciting feature in this release. That definitely helps lots of manual curators making the curation fair for everyone.

Kudos to all your hard work. Cheers!

How is Hbd on bittrex what will benefit
Thank you

holy molly that went fast! no hickups?

Smoothest HF so far?

Looking forward to RC dele and what that might mean for the ecosystem.

Congrats on the hf. Kudos

old governance vote expiration is my favourite.

Good job!

I like them all but I'd say old governance vote expiration is probably the most important and recurrent transfers the most exciting.

Favourite change for me is the curation window - a better deal for manual voters.

Also the improved incentives for comments through the change to the rewards curve should help engagement. I assume this happened although I don't see it mentioned anywhere!

It was implemented as part of curation reward changes.

is there still a penalty on comments?

Is your comment votes larger by nearly double?

I see, thanks :)

IMO one of the best things of the HF :)

Now you can convert your hive directly to hbd, too.
Just watch out for fast moving prices because it takes 3.5 days to complete.
The price would have to drop alot for it really matter as it works on a 3 day average price.

But you get the HBD instant right? The Converting is some intern thing as far I know.

Strictly speaking, there wasn't a penalty on comments before. The penalty was just on any comment or post that didn't receive enough rshares (voting strength). But the quasi-linear curve code was removed, and I think that is what you're referring to.

I know, it was around 20 hive, so it pretty unlikely a comment receives more :)

It is cool that there is no "penalty" anymore :)

Good to know. It's an important change!

Congratulations to everyone involved in development and testing! Great job.

I like... everything. :)

I am just discovering the changes and hope they are all beneficial. Thanks for the information and the good work

So far, (unlike most HF's), things seem to be running smooth. I was able to log in, have read some post, cast a few votes and did not, (until reading your post), remember that HF 25 was supposed to happen this morning.

The changes to the curation window it's my favorite, people can take more time to read the post of others and leaves some comments.

the "best time to vote game" its finally over.

Wow all hail to current developer! U guys are more efficient than steem developers!

Are there any steem developers?

Any work is more efficient than no work :p

Lol and those work were done by blocktrades before too. The introduction of MIRA. Guess steem developers really had no work done. lol.

Nea there isn't. Just saying those days with steem developers. with hiccups everywhere on blockchain. Just glad it's a smooth hard fork.

So far what I have noticed is that my voting bot has stopped working. Now with all nodes it throws me the error :
raise exceptions.UnhandledRPCError (msg) beemapi.exceptions.UnhandledRPCError: missing required posting authority: Missing Posting Authority rach.

I was changing nodes while updating but everyone has already updated and it doesn't work anymore. I use the Beem library for this bot.

It is happening to me too.

I just change nodes and rerun it, it works fine for sometime.

After reading the article by @blocktrades (https://hive.blog/hive-139531/@blocktrades/17th-update-of-2021-on-blocktrades-work-on-hive-software) I have reinstalled the entire library of beem and dependencies. The bot has started working again, although now it throws other minor bugs that you can fix, but it works.

Always good to know that someone is reading them and actually finding them useful to their work :-)

Really very grateful for that post. I spent a week pulling my hair out without understanding why it didn't work if the code was supposed to be correct. It made my day to find out what the problem was.
Thanks and regards.

Si leemos, solo que los neófitos no entendemos mucho, y mejor, seguimos escribiendo y publicando. aliriera

Thank you . I updated beem but I guess I have to reinstall it too to make sure it doesn't give any problems :)

Thanks again for the update.

I have to say that I am just really impressed to see a hardfork come through and so far there was not so much as even a blip in the system; what a monumental change from past clusterfucks experiences with hardforks!

Congrats and well done to everyone who worked on this!

Great Stuff, I was expecting RC delegations to be included in this HF. Looking forward to this feature in next update as it is most demanded feature.

It doesn't need a hard fork that is why it was not included

That's great. Thanks :)

How is Hbd on bittrex what will benefit
Thank you

Same for me really - Vote decay and curation window.

And oh look - the Hive price is up!


This Hive to HBD operation is nearly the exact opposite to HBD to Hive. There are differences:

  1. Not always possible to convert this way ( when there are too many dollars this operation will fail )
  2. Formula for the amount of HBD is different than the reverse of convert with teh constants HIVE_COLLATERALIZED_CONVERSION_DELAY, HIVE_CONVERSION_COLLATERAL_RATIO, HIVE_COLLATERALIZED_CONVERSION_FEE
  3. The conversion is instantaneous

Source: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/merge_requests/191

I guess I have some hope that HBD will keep around the value of a Canadian dollar.