HashKings: The Stronger Stuff!


Smoking Joints in HashKings pays off, it’s the God’s honest truth. I’ve been working on getting my level up these last few days.

The reasons are twofold but with one great goal. I need one Avatar of at least 100 levels.

This would mean that I can upgrade my Water Towers to full force, letting me produce a lot more HKWATER. Water is life, water is profit.

This would also meant that I can participate in the top tier Raid. There are only a few (super powerful) players in that league, so I’m betting that even if I earn only the crumbs that falls off their table, I’d be making more than currently.

This also would get me access to the stronger stuff. I’d be able to craft a lot more powerful Joints. This would make leveling up even more easier and it would be quicker to level up secondary Avatars too. These more powerful Joints could also be sold on the market for profit.

This brings me to what I’ve achieved today. I’ve been smoking my way up to level 15 and have unlocked a new craftable Joint!


Behold, the mighty Hempwrapped Joint!

You’ll get more XP for the same amount of BUDS by crafting higher tier Joints. My next milestone on my journey towards level 100 is level 30! I’ll get my blaze on and get there in no time!



This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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Hi, #Hashking friend!

I have a question! Since you seem that you like a dictionary of Hashkings, I would like to ask a question 🤩 I would like to know how to pool BUDS. I've figured out how to pool MOTA, but I cannot find where to pool BUDS.....do you know how to do this??

Screenshot 20220220 144613.png


Hey man! It’s the pool for burning BUDS to receive MOTA as a reward you’re looking for, right?

If that’s the case, it’s accessible from the main HashKings menu (where you find your farms and craft items) under the “Lab” menu, where you’ll choose the “MOTA POOL” option.

This will turn your BUDS into MOTA instead. Is it this option that you’re looking for?


Ah, thank you so much! I will take a look at it once again!! 😆👍👍
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I’m thinking same thing…got the CANNI-QUEEN UPTO LEVEL 45!

Awesome! I didn’t get any Legendary Avatar unfortunately, congratulations to getting the Canni-Queen! :D

Thanks 🙏🏻