A new School is coming, School of SteemπŸ“–πŸš‚

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A new school is coming, @schoolofsteem.

We are running @schoolofminnows idle upvote engine.


If you haven't heard of School of Minnows, its the only prerequisite for joining School of Steem

Once established we'll have all sorts of tools to use with $STEEM and $HIVE.

Hes our current tasks list for the school

[Community and Chat]

School of Minnows Whatsapp to Steps

School of Minnows levels to Telegram

[Bots & Help]

Full stack documentation and videos on all the steps to join School of Minnows to posting with SOMP

Include steps on MEMEO

Welcome memes for MEMEO

$STEEM and $HIVE lookup tools for MEMEO


School of Minnows Single Web page

[Central Social Networks]

Facebook onboarding page and group

Twitter Page




Resteem based on #hashtag (completed)

Resteem based on @username

Reblog ($HIVE) based on #hashtag

Reblog ($HIVE) based on @username

Check Unpowered and pending rewards on @user

We are looking for minnows to help out in all these entry points into School of Minnows.

Consider helping out if you use and find value in any of those platforms.


Once we are close to finished with all the above we will be ready to go on tour with School of Minnows.

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You seem to be lost. This is not Steem. Instead of spamming Hive and trying to mooch a few pennies from 450 tiny upvotes, you could probably earn yourself more by putting your programming skills to work actually improving Hive or building a real app for it.

Just a thought. Until then, I'll be watching you.

Howzit @pfunk

not too sure who is checking up on who hereπŸ¦‰πŸ‘€, rather tune howzit going and be nicer before accuse what you don't know on an open platform that you can't delete. AKA blockchain.

These are the staker and polarized vibe you are creating for new comers that are showing some proof of value and education...

check the discord: on $HIVE watchers #appeals

Apparently there is offense to the use of the name, its the only claim, you are welcome to your opinion but my place here it more to teach than code if you take a closer took at what we are doing.
This is an old account it existed before $HIVE did if you check on the blockchain.

Not too sure of $STEEM and $HIVE history or conflict, nor do we want to get involved much in it, we are here to teach.

Speaking of coding if you are watching us ask @lanmower that is also happening, check out @schoolofminnows. We all trying to work together mate, why you come down so heavy on a new effort?

Rather give people the real story than accuse them of spamming, we are running both chains to support all people, though we respect communities and their standards we arent interested in the politics or bureaucracy around them, only educating people about blockchain.

If you want to tune like a baboon you will be treated like one.
Until then, look forward to this circus.


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