On the mind…

in #hawaii2 months ago

Hi friends,

I have Hawaii on the mind….


Planning to get out there this summer as it has been a few years now! Love the island life….

Do you have any trips planned this year?

Thanks for coming by,


Hope that you're able to actually plan and execute this trip. Hard workers deserve their time of rest. 😊

I have a habit of dreaming of a vacation and then never taking it. "Some day" becomes my mantra for vacations. I suppose that's slightly better than doing the same for my career aspirations, which I've actively pursued for a very long time! The vacations will come easier when I can easily afford them.

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I haven't decided where to go yet. However, I will certainly go somewhere as it will be the first after the pandemic.

No i haven't any planned trip, in fact I unplanned trips are more enjoyable for me. Let's see where thing takes us, last year we went to Saudia and Dubai.

Wow! Hawaii.

Probably in Asia, I want to go back and visit Singapore hopefull within this year.

Vegas is it for now. I’d love to see Hawaii.

Me and my friends plan as soon as we come home we will go to a famous place in Pakistan called Naran Kaghan. These are the most beautiful areas of Pakistan, one goes there and gets the tension of the world and gets lost in the valleys and mountains.

Your plan is very good. With this we can enjoy the summer. Thanks for sharing.