Upvoted for the meme

I definitely enjoyed the meme ^^

Already live, nice!


I hope investors will go brrrr as well :P

Aint no business like the money printing business

yeah, it is totally different again money printing FED

Sure is ... the people are doing it this time :)

Will the result be much different?

Upvoted for the meme! Well, okay the decision to change the interest was good too

cool meme, I'm a bit concerned about the 20% HBD interest rate, according to Witness votes you are signaling 20% too, what's your risk assessment / reasoning behind supporting the interest hike to 20%? Some developers and witnesses also push for increasing the debt ratio of HBD/HIVE (from currently 10%) up, which will increase the debt rate even further. What's your position about increasing the debt rate? Possibly making Hive hype-inflate in the next bear market?

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What percentage of the total inflationary rewards is distributed as HBD interests? Any tentative figure?

Happy meme, good looking 🤗




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lekker bezugh 😋

100% attractive HBD 💥

The best meme I've seen in a long time. change my mind

Hahaha. Awesome.
Rehived and I have sent you @pishio.

This flips Terra Luna's $UST to become number 1

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Awesome. Hey - could you help me ?? This guy dragonslayer is downvoting all my posts. Do you know why ?

I thought this was kind of funny ...

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Cool, 😁

Money printing business is the best.