HBD stabilizer continuation March 2022

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This proposal is for 10000 HBD/hour of funding to the HBD stabilizer. The HBD stabilizer is described in several past posts in my blog. In summary, the funding is used to buy, sell, or convert HBD in order to stabilize the peg and generate a profit for DHF, with all proceeds returned to DHF.

Previously there were proposals of various smaller amounts (100, 200, etc.) with the intent that stakeholders could vote different proposals to adjust the funding provided. This has never been used and, in practice, stakeholders have used these stabilizer proposals as a substitute "return" proposal where excess budget left over after other proposals are funded is used to stabilize the HBD market and channel excess demand for HBD, with the proceeds then returned to DHF rather than the immediate automatic "return" proposal, which does nothing else.

Due to the size of this proposal and the expectation that it functions as a 'return' type proposal, stakeholders should take care to not "overvote" beyond what is needed to clear the original return proposal. Any other proposals with fewer votes than this one are unlikely to receive continued funding

The new funding cap of 10000 per hour is more than enough for the likely available budget in upcoming months (currently around 6000 per hour of DHF funding is available after all other approved proposals are paid).

Over the past several months, available funding to the stabilizer has been 3600 per hour. That proposal is due to expire in the next few days. Upon approval of this proposal, funding will immediately increase to approximately 6000 per hour, which should further improve the peg stabilization and potentially increase generated profit to DHF, to the extent there are demand imbalances pushing HBD away from the peg.

This proposal will allow the HBD stabilizer to continue its work, and to expand available budget for stabilization as the daily DHF budget continues to grow.

A recent estimate from @dalz was that the HBD stabilizer had generated a profit of well over $1 million, adding funding for the DHF, helping to stabilize HBD, and, on net, removing many millions of HIVE from circulation.

Proposal number is 213

Hivesigner link to approve
Peakd proposal link
Ecency proposal link

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer


Voted. I'm stacking savings in HBD so I'd like it kept stable

Isn’t Hive dumped to keep it back up when it dips daily? U really feel safe holding so much HBD? I know I’ve beaten this topic like a dead horse, just wanna know exactly what changed ur view my brother. I know ur not a dummy so I wanna figure out what I’m missing. I say no way in hell 20% is safe unless the algorithm so called peg breaks. I won’t bring it up again
Just wanted to know exactly what changed ur mind? I’m always getting crap for saying HBD is pointless.

Actually I traded all my HBD for HIVE last month when it was low..

DO IT! :)


HBD stabilizer had generated a profit of well over $1 million, adding funding for the DHF, helping to stabilize HBD, and, on net, removing many millions of HIVE from circulation.v

Why don't we spend some amount and do some niche marketing on HBD interest ? It can be the biggest driver for the chain and bring in many investors.

The profit was all sent to DHF which has plenty of funding now. Someone with the right skills and connections just needs to make the proposal.

That would be so scammy sounding. I really hope this doesn’t happen.

Voted! it is absolutely necessary to stabilize HBD to allow for a safer and more attractive stablecoin to users

It’s impossible long term. A algorithm will not hold it longterm. It’s not a real stable coin. It’s below .96 most of the time and used in our system alone fine but promoting it wide and far as a stablecoin that reps are a dollar and earns 20% interest that’s safe is a huge mistake that will hurt Hive reputation overall it pushed this way. It’s he algorithm keeps it somewhat close to a dollar is doing so by putting pressure on Hive token to do so. This won’t end well if the main focus is HBD over Hive. My humble opinion but also A chart of HBD speaks for itself. The 20% isn’t safe long term. This will be a huge mistake if this platform tries to make HBD it’s main goal..

This sounds crucial to the stabilization of HBD. Count me in!

Pardon my question.

Can it be possible that a certain percentage of what goes back into the DHF could be used to add to interest rate for HBD savers?

Interest is set by witnesses and is paid by the blockchain.


Voted..i have been saving HBD and having it pegged dollar is critical to call it HBD..cheers

Thank you for your witness vote!
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Voted! It's incredible, hopping $1 = 1HBD soon.

Voted and rehived.

Voted. For anyone wanting a simplified explanation of how this proposal would work, I made a post a while ago regarding this topic.

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Good to see so much support for stabilizing the hbd!.. im no expert but i can see a lot of importance for it to stay at $1.. hopefully it will inspire many people to keep their savings here at a great 12% ..

And the potential for new projects to expand hive to new and novel places is huge! I look forward to seeing what people will come up with next…

I believe stabilizing HBD is very essential.
I love this post,weldon,I appreciate.

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Hi!! An amazing person told us we could reach you through a comment.

We are a group of devs and HIVE lovers that have been building experiences, games, and different features in our HK ecosystem for more than one year and a half, most of the revenue sources are owned by players (and is freaking amazing), but basically that have left the team development funds is not a good position along with the downtrend of the market well. So we are running a proposal in the DHF to help

All is pretty well detailed in our proposal post

We are also developing some cool things for this year like our own NFT market, a gamified onboarding website with the basics of HIVE when joining HK, and other cool features.

We have shared a breakdown of the entire financial state of HK like salaries, expenses, revenue, etc so everything about is totally transparent. We are looking for help from the big guys cause is the only way to make this proposal possible.

Our proposal is the number #215 (linked above), in advance, we wanna say thanks for your time and that your support would be something incredible for us.

amigo buenas tardes, aqui mi visita,veo que hace tiempo no escribe, espero se encuentre bien y me ayude con su buen voto en mis publicaciones para que sea una ayuda para mi en estos dificiles momentos, saludos desde venezuela

Why am not being able to vote?

Is it possible to add hive to monero's swap feature?
I would like to send hive to a monero wallet and get monero, and vice versa, send monero and get hive in a hive wallet.

I don't know if that is possible, but I thought it worth the time to ask.

thank you for sharing sex always...

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