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When was the last time you had a good sweat? The human body is made to move. It is an amazing organism, which works best when it’s active. Physical activity or exercise is essential to keep the body running well. A healthy diet will not do it all alone; it is a team effort. You provide the food, so the body can get the work done. Consistent exercise with proper nutrition play a vital role in your ability to maintain your overall health and quality of life.


In an age of health and fitness, jogging is a popular fitness recreation for people of all ages that can be done anywhere and at any time. It is a superb aerobic activity that is effective, inexpensive and easily performed. For those who are not accustomed to rigorous exercises, jogging is the most basic human form of exercise, using your own body, weight, and two legs to propel yourself forward. The movement of jogging is similar to that of running. Both forms of exercise feature both feet leaving the ground simultaneously at a point during the stride. The two activities are so closely matched that the only way to really distinguish between the two is by speed.


Jogging is a gentle sport that allows you to get all the benefits of exercise without putting your body under huge amounts of strain. Behold these following benefits of a sweat session in which can empower you to live a more prosperous life :

1. Jogging keeps your heart healthy.

Living a sedentary lifestyle can have an adverse impact on your heart health. Your heart gets weak and flabby with inactivity. Regular jogging has been found to be a great cardio workout. In fact, jogging is known as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. During this exercise, two of the most important organs of the body come into action: the heart and the lungs. The lungs is responsible for the intake of essential oxygen and the release of waste carbon dioxide. Of course, this is an ongoing process every time you breathe. The heart, on the other hand, functions as a pump for the movement of blood throughout the body. Furthermore, enhancing the fitness of your cardiovascular system is found to reduce high blood pressure, blood glucose level as well as cholesterol levels, which are the risk factors for a heart attack or stroke. Clearly, a strong heart reduces the risk of heart disease later in life. When you give your body this kind of exercise regularly, the better your heart works, and so will you as a whole. Indulging in this activity is tantamount to laughing your heart out loud!


2. It helps you lose weight.

Having a sleek, toned stomach never goes out of style. For anyone contemplating losing weight, jogging is one of the best exercise activities that you can participate in. Weight loss is the most common reason for people to jog regularly. Jogging is a full-body exercise, requiring core stabilization, lower body strength, hip flexibility, and upper body (the arms) for balance. As such, it also scorches more calories than many other low-intensity exercise options. Jogging, together with an appropriate diet, will help set your body in caloric deficit, meaning that you are burning more calories than you are consuming. It also helps in boosting the body’s metabolism. With a higher metabolism, burning fat becomes easier and faster. Jogging is your answer to losing those extra pounds that just stubbornly won’t get off!


3. Jogging strengthens your bones.

It takes more than a glass of milk to fortify your bones and keep them healthy. Your bones provide the strength and structure your body needs to have both shape and movement. However, as you grow older, your bones can debilitate as part of the natural aging process. One way to help fight this effect is through regular exercises in the same way as jogging. Jogging is a weight-bearing activity that helps improve the muscles and bone density of your legs, hips and spine. Each stride you take when jogging generates stress on your bones. As stress is sensed by your body, it causes new bone tissues to form, which activates a series of reactions by becoming stronger. This strength prepares the bones to easily face the same amount of stress for your next jogging and helps prevent any bone-related injuries in the future. So, if you feel like your legs are getting wobbly and can’t walk long distance anymore, you better start moving!


4. It allows you to combat stress.

Do you feel like the whole world is collapsing on top of you? I think everyone does at one stage or another. Whether it’s the occasional rough day or a more serious, chronic problem, stress can really wreak havoc on your mind. Nevertheless, research shows that the secret to increased productivity and happiness on any given day is a long-term investment in regular exercise! Constant exercise can help improve your mental stability and support optimal cognitive function. The mental health benefits experienced during and after jogging are some of the quickest benefits you'll reap. Growing evidence indicates that jogging can reduce negative mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and mood swings while improving self-esteem. As you start jogging, your body releases endorphins, which are the pain-blocking hormones produced in the brain and sent into the bloodstream during times of pain or stress. As endorphins are released into your body, you’ll be immersed in the joy of jogging. It elevates your mood, makes you think great, thus developing a positive approach. Jogging and the repeated pounding of your feet on the pavement helps give you that peaceful state, just be alone with your thoughts, and enables you to pin down an answer. Focus all that emotions into a few sprints and you’ll feel better in no time! The mental benefits of jogging cannot be easily taken for granted. Everything is concocted in the mind and it is the brain that tells you to do things. Let the mind rule!


5. Jogging helps you sleep soundly.

Restful sleep is like a fountain of youth. Sleeping well helps all the systems in your body function optimally. In a fast pace of modern life, it can often be difficult to settle down at the end of the day for a relaxing night of sleep. Thankfully, jogging can help with that! Scientific evidence indicates that jogging can be an effective natural therapy for insomnia. Being physically active entails you to expend energy, and helps you feel more tired and ready to rest at the end of the day. It naturally helps your body drop off to sleep earlier as our muscles require extra rest in order to recover fully. The older you get, the more important it is to carve out that effortless, soothing, and peaceful hours of slumber each night. Taking a daily dose of jogging is an important approach to start your day, keeps you invigorated all throughout the day and provides you a sound and deep sleep all through the night. Making this exercise part of your regular routine can help to shave years off your age, no matter how many birthdays you've actually celebrated. You may not change your chronological age, but exercise can improve your health to the point where you look and feel younger than your age!

So, what is stopping you? Find your motivation today and start jogging! If you want to share this list with other people who also want to live a healthy life, feel free to resteem and don’t forget to leave your comments and feedbacks below. 👇🏻💋


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Thanks for the informative post. About two years ago I was desperate to find some motivation to get into shape, so I signed up for a local 5k race. I suffered through about a month of training, hating almost every step but determined not to finish at the back of the pack. Then a strange thing happened: I started to enjoy running. Now, many 1000s of miles later, I've run everything from 5ks to a full marathon, and hope to run a 50k in a few months. Running has been a life-changing experience.

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