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RE: I Quit Eating for 28 Days [Water Fast] : Day 10 (Instant/Delayed Gratification)

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So good to hear from you again!

You are right in deed and was so excited to read that you are still on the process of making it happen. It gave me a big smile and thought I had to share my joy in reading so. You can be proud, a healthy pride, in what you are doing. This is not easy, for most not to mention how they might not even have the courage of trying it, and my hat goes up there for your sacrifice and persistence.

Experiential knowledge is the utmost important part of it all and, as the body-mind clears, the light rises to the surface giving you more and more insights as to what you really are, but more importantly allows you to see through the veils of it into the depths of where we're all from.

The latest "Dream Series" converses on this topic an awful lot and this extra time in your hand as well as the state of your mind would gain from practicing such exercises too I believe...

Namaste :)