Do not ever do this while taking a shower after making love

in #health6 years ago

After sex, the body will be full of sweat. Usually we will immediately clean ourselves with a shower.
Well, bathing can indeed make the body becomes clean and feel relaxed after sex. But unfortunately bathing is not the best solution to cleanse yourself after sex according to experts. There are several things to watch out for.

after sex the genital area will swell due to intimate activities performed. This will make it more sensitive. Well, soap contains many chemicals that can cause severe irritation, therefore should be avoided at all costs to cleanse yourself.

Bathing with warm water will indeed make the body so more relaxed. Unfortunately this is not good for women after having sex. Apparently, a woman's vulva swells due to sexual stimulation that can lead to the opening of the vagina. After this happens, the intimate part of the woman is susceptible to infection. Warm water bath will make it vulnerable to infection.

Prepare towels and tissues to cleanse after sex. Allow time for an intimate organ to return to its original size.
After sex also get used to direct urination. This is the best way to avoid bacteria entering the system.

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