Squeezing Breasts Can Enlarge Its Size?

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Large and full size breasts are considered to make women owners look more beautiful, sexy, and interesting, especially in the eyes of the opposite sex. No wonder, many women who try to enlarge her breasts in various ways. Various methods are done, such as by ointment, taking certain medications, implantation, or simple things with squeezing or massaging.

Breast squeeze is often associated with sexual activity, because various types of touch can provide a sensation of pleasure. But many women think that squeezing the breast can also give a bonus: increase the size of her breasts. Is that right?

** Breasts in medical point of view **

Breast composed of fat tissue that will appear after having body fat. Breasts do not have muscle tissue. The shape and size of the breast is determined by how much fat tissue it has. The connective tissue and ligaments of the breast play a role in maintaining the anatomical structure of the breast. Nerves in the breast function to provide sensation in the breast.

In addition to play a role in sexual activity, one of the main functions of the breast is to produce milk to provide nutrition for the baby. In addition, the most sensitive female body organs, always influenced by the disturbance of hormonal balance, especially the hormone estrogen. As a result of this hormonal influence, breast is at greater risk to experience the growth of cancer cells, both benign and malignant.

Breast size is determined on the basis of genetic, diet, and also hormones. Medically it is said that one of the causes of small breasted women is due to the excessive production of testosterone. This condition can suppress breast growth.

In general, breast growth will stop between the ages of 17-21 years. The development of breast size and shape is also influenced by things like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss, and menopause. Because it is composed of fat and gland tissue, it is reasonable when the size of small breasts, when fat in the breast only slightly.

Seeing these conditions, the easiest and natural way to enlarge breasts is to gain weight, so that the fat pile in the breast increases.