Question for the HIVE Community - I Need Your Help

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Hello my friends. I feel blessed to be a part of this community and I really appreciate the support for my last uploaded videos. My aim is to add value to our community here as we all seek to live in a censor-free world.

Can anyone direct me on how to upload my original content to this platform WITHOUT posting a link directing viewers to my YouTube channel? I don't see a way to upload a file directly to this platform like you can to BitChute, Odysee or YouTube.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you my friends!

Sort: -- The founder is @theycallmedan who is very pro-free speech.

Why can't I use 3speak right here from my Hive Blog? Or can I? If so, how? If not, do I need to create a separate 3speak account? If so, does it link to my Hive Blog?

Why can't I use 3speak right here from my Hive Blog?

When you upload a video to 3Speak it will also show up on Hive Blog. Both front ends use Hive (blockchain) under the hood.

If not, do I need to create a separate 3speak account?

You need to import your Hive Posting Key into your 3Speak account after signing up.

Wish I knew my Hive posting key. I have my Steem posting key, but I don't know what my HIVE one is since they appear as dots. Thank you brother.

Wish I knew my Hive posting key. I have my Steem posting key,

It should be the same key unless you've changed it.

Thank you brother.

you're welcome :)

Hey brother...regarding Dtube. Was away and missed the opportunity to claim my channel over on Dtube. Do I have to create a brand new Dtube account or will my steem keys work to access my existing account over there?

Hey brother I have some more questions for ya...maybe you can DM me and we can talk. Twitter work for you? I'm uploading my first video through 3speak as I type this. It's already been "encoding" for almost 10 minutes. How long does it usually take. Also...I have some questions about steemscan and steemworld websites. There's a HUGE discrepancy in my account balance on those versus what's actually in my wallet. Thanks brother.

You have 6K SBD, that's $47000

Btw, good to see you here

I really appreciate your help. I don't understand the discrepancy. When I look at my wallet, it says the estimated account value is $9566.25 What am I missing here?

click the Balances tab, right now your total is 47,324.122 USD

I had absolutely no idea I had that kind of balance. How does one go about transferring that balance to, say a bank account?

do you have an account on crypto exchange that supports SBD? Bittrex is OK.

Sell it to BTC then to USD and transfer to your bank. There is even better option. Get Visa Crypto Debit Card on and fuck the banksters. Pay with your crypto everywhere

  1. Convert STEEM/SBD to Bitcoin via ionomy

  2. Buy Gold/Silver with Bitcoin via JMBullion


  4. (Optional) Send @fulltimegeek a nice tip for helping you walk though this process 😀

Thank you again. Why is there a discrepancy between that and my Estimated Account Value in my steemit wallet? there a site, similar to the steemworld site to find out what the total account value is for HIVE? I really appreciate you helping out.

Click Settings then Modules and turn off Hive-Engine and SDS then reload site

It's is good idea to sell SBD or convert it to HIVE while it is over $1

I see
It's fucked up. They have counted each SBD as 1 USD, that's wrong

Glad to see you back active here Brian!

Hey brother!! Good to see ya! Been a long time. How ya been?

When are you going to develop another survival game for on here Brother? I miss them things! I always died right away, but hey...

Take a look at 3Speak. Its an application built on Hive that allows users to upload video content. You can find more info and follow them on Hive and twitter here:

Hey happy to have you here. I'm co-founder of and if you have any questions just tag me in a comment anywhere on hive @theycallmedan and I'll be happy to help. I see you're already got some videos on 3speak, I try not to watch Youtube these days so happy when a great content creator joins as it's like getting a new channel on web3 to watch.

Check out threespeak. It is the video side of the Hive ecosystem. They have great things planned.

@threespeak of course.

I have some personal thoughts and suggestions for you that I won't bring up here. So if you're ever nterested in getting the "Low Down" from a lesser knnown participant of this blockchain, then I'd be happy to show you some details in a Zoom call or something similar.


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3speak my friend! You can even go live from 3speak.

Your new favorite 3Speak channel ;)

Very happy to see you active here again on the immutable during such trying times. Ohioans have found ammunition in our constitution to beat back the bastards. Looking for success for a writ of mandamus files Friday against Deswine.

Brian, use 3Speak from the dashboard to access most of the apps. Let me know if you need help here Brother, I came from Steemit to here from way back years ago. You can message me in PeakD DM if you want. If you look up in the right corner you will see a little conversation bubble, click that and I will get the DM next time I am on. I can help you out with most stuff on here Bro, I am all over this platform, and I know some of the original people that developed the place. Mo Tbr on YouTube or @nobutsd1974 on here...