Finally managed to grow basil myself

in #herbs2 years ago


I had tried to grow basil myself without success in the last couple of years, but finally I managed to do it. The secret was growing them from seed. The basil from stores never managed to stick and just died away.


Here's the same basil with 20 days in between. I have done few trims and its starting to branch out into a bush! It's getting into a point that I can just snap basil at demand when making some bruchetta (Italian bread) or cooking pasta sauce.


I planted some grass onion as well. They seem to take up surprisingly lot of water.

Growing some herbs/food is a good exercise in lowering time preference (putting more importance for the future, ie. long-term planning) – useful skill when it comes to investing and life generally, too. Planting the seed and harvesting a bigger yield after time.


May God bless your hands, so that you can harvest basil or any other species again.

I am rather agnostic myself but thank you for your wishes!

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Keep watering these babies man! AND don't forget to harvest plenty of times to dry them up so you can use it on your pizza :P

Yeah, drying will become timely before the fall when there's more basil than I can use :D

How are the plants going? :P I bet it must have been growing a lot after a month!

They're good :)

Btw, you coming to hivefest on September?

Hehe nice nice! Unfortunately, I won't be going even though it is like right next to me. What about you? You going?

Unfortunately, I won't be going even though it is like right next to me.

Yeah I have two trips combined into one: hivefest in Amsterdam and then I'm going to Lisbon with @rrusina to meet her friend who moved there. I have spare time after hivefest from 19th to 21st of September in Holland before my flight catches from Amsterdam to Portugal though. If you happen to be somewhere around and are able, it would be dope to meet irl.

Oh nice man! Meeting up would be awesome man, really! But I think I might be having trouble with mobility due to my foot thing and low-energy. Lackofcolor her treatment starts the 5th of September and is going to take a while, and one of the reasons why I won't be attending HiveFest. I live in the East part of the Netherlands (about 2 hours by train), I'd love to invite you over for a couple of beers downtown, but I don't think visiting Enschede would be worth the time while there are so many other places that could be more interesting to see during your few days here. BUT... I mean, if you have absolutely nothing planned or are going to do, you can HIT ME UP (also last minute) if you do want to see this boring place :P