June Was A Big Month- Hextech Monthly Review

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Here's what we've been doing for the month of June and start of July. As always, sorted by individually and as a team.


This has been a busy month. My project to help others, @giftgiver(provides free delegations to those low on RC), has gotten a lot more traction and our daily page views has gone up 3x from the start of the month till today. Its been seeing a lot more usage thanks to the efforts of @hivepeople and @planktonsupport in order to help users who are out of RC to be able to interact with the chain. GG is also getting an update this month and we launched up a token, you can read about all of that by following @giftgiver's blog.

I've also been working on something else with someone else. I hope we get to release it soon(@otherguy code faster please) and I'm pretty sure the people its targeted towards will like it.


This month has the launch of self-help.dev which was previously blokz/plan by @blokz (@sn0n's non-profit venture.) as well as some extras to the blokz/profile project, which is now personal.community, both are still a work in progress with an entire rewrite of the self-help.dev happening before getting back to work on the profile project which hit a snag with the markdown parser and the modal window that was coded.... It's what I've been up to outside a week or so long Covid-19 scare (We all came back negative, but there is a stomach bug hitting everyone in the house and leaving them lethargic for a spell afterwards). Outside of that, not much else to report on. May be starting a new Job next week, so that will cut into development time, but I should still be able to be active on the weekends and a hour or two during the week.


Busy man edicted is taking a break, and will fill in that slot once he's back.


As a team we put up a total of 3,000 HP and 50 HIVE in rewards to HPUD. Isn't that amazing? We can do great working together and helping those who are building themselves on hive.

How To Vote For Us As Your Witness

There's a few ways to cast a witness vote. The easiest of which will be to use hivesigner. All you have to do is click this link and https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=hextech&approve=1 sign it with your active key.

If you use Hive.blog can also go onto https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses, find us there and vote for us.

If you are a PeakD user, head over to https://peakd.com/me/witnesses and look for us using either the search-bar on the right(name is hextech) or looking for us on the list(we are around rank 80).

If you prefer to use @cadawg's hive.uno tool, you can vote for us at https://vote.hive.uno/@hextech.


good job! ;)

@rishi556 stop talking about me being done, WebSocket boi! You aren't even finished your part you cheeky bugger!

Thanks for the shoutout! Yah, what you built with Giftgiver is amazing, just needs some design and marketing love.

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Looks like you are doing great job for Hive community. Very well! 👏 I'm curious to see where this all is going ✌️