HF21 Training: Go flag someone else!

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Ok, my last post was about flagging me. Now it's time to escalate. I want you to flag someone else.

Let's talk about good and bad flagging for a second:

Good flagging

It can be great when the ecosystem flags. It's like an auto-immune system for the rewards pool. If you don't know, when you flag you're returning others' votes back to the rewards pool. So, in a sense it's a socialist upvote to everyone but that specific content creator you just flagged. Anyway, if the ecosystem starts flagging posts that are truly bullshit, add no value, and simply leech rewards then there will be more money for authors and curators who do add value in the rewards pool. This is called crowd sourced content discovery.

If you don't know curated content is really valuable. It's hard to find what you're looking for in an infinite sea of content. Other people who do the work can save you time and may even be better researchers. So, it's highly valuable. If our platform becomes less of a cesspool of random internet droppings and more of a thoughtfully curated place where good articles can be easily found more people can save time by doing content discovery here.

So, flagging can be extremely noble and good for the platform.. Here's some good things to flag!

Physical threats: I'm gonna rip your head off
Doxxing: I found you online and your criminal ass lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
copyrighted material: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
posts with other people's content or images that aren't cited: Here's my most recent picture that I painted. I call it "the mona lisa."
inappropirate tags: Unless your article is about scientific experiments for Koreans who enjoy investment opportunities in steemmonsters then you shouldn't be using stem, sct, spt, and steemleo all as tags. It's fair game to flag these guys especially with accounts that have specific tokens staked that are being abused in the post.
disagreement over rewards: Do you see a circle jerk playing out? Maybe you'd like to see it get fewer rewards and disincentivize the behavior that's ok.

Bad flagging

So, good flagging is one of the most noble things you can do around here. Bad flagging is generally extremely childish behavior by people who can't keep their shit together.

Revenge flagging- you flagged my post on whale scrotums so I'm going to flag everything you, your mother, your followers, and everyone I can find have ever written.
threats in the comments: if you talk to this person I'm going to flag you (typically just called bullying)
calling people cunts after flagging- this may not actually be a bad flag, but it's poor form afterwards

The worst flag offenders: opinion flagging

This I think is the hottest category of flagging. It's really contentious.


Let's say I don't trust the media, medical records, and especially not the medical boards. Let's say I think the boards are run by the Harmaceutical companies and the boards through whistle blowers have shared many times that things like vaccines cause neurological damage. So, I gather up information on the topic and I write a post about it.

You are a person who has read all of the mainstream science articles about vaccines and wow, big pharma docs never find anything wrong with vaccines. so, the literature always says it's safe (this is called tobacco science). So, you take your Steem Power and you flag the post by another author because you don't like their opinion.

The challenge here is that there are other ways to have discourse than flagging. If your opinion is so amazing then you shouldn't have to silence other people or punish them for thinking those thoughts or having data sources that are different than yours that lead to a different conclusion.

What you've done is called "opinion flagging" and it means that you're so threatened by another opinion that you have to silence it. This isn't evidence of the superiority of your opinion. It simply displays that you're a dick and weak because you can't live in a world where your opinion is questioned.

So.... don't opinion flag. Disagree in comments with words...


Anyway, the moral of the story here is that there's good reasons to flag and also bad reasons to flag. You better get used to flagging because a few weeks from now I think we're gonna see a lot more of these happening.


Ok, this is gonna be a little controversial, but if you're reading this you have an assignment. I want you to flag other people. I suggest using 1% flags.

Step 1. Find an article that seems to break the rules for good flagging
Step 2. leave a mini flag
Step 3. Leave a comment explaining why you flagged, feel free to include a link to this post

Step 1. Find an article by a friend
Step 2. Leave a mini flag
Step 3. Tell them you're prepping them emotionally for HF21 in the comments, and that they are still your special friend

advanced - Don't try this at home...
Do a bad flag...
Step 1. Find an article
Step 2. Flag it
Step 3. Call them a cunt in the comments for having such a stupid fucking opinion
Step 4. After it all escalates they'll probably write a post showing their emotional fragility, leave a comment on the second post, point them to this, say it was an experiment, and that you're just trying to prep them for HF21. Tell them they aren't really cunts and their article was great. You're just trying to help them.

Ok, should be a fun week

Get out there and flag someone and ready your popcorn and drama this week.


Good ideas but my version would include @steemflagrewards ... obviously

Also, for "contrary opinion flagging" such as people that flag flat Earth, antivaxx, lizard people or other controversial ideas. I would modify the format to have a neanderthal brain format at the lowest level because it is super weak sauce.

I would rather engage the ideas that I disagree with using logic and reason rather than flag them. That's how you debate an issue. Flagging them just screams insecurity imho.

Also, if you are opinion flagged, remember @freezepeach can help you out folks. Good project. I need to up my delegation to them.

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DownDoots > Flag!

We need to put in a condenser PR asap.

Yeah. I increase my delegation to freezepeach every so often. I find it's severely underpowered for what it's trying to do.

Definitely worth a re-steem if it encourages a few more people to actually use their flagging capability. I have done my fair share and suffered retaliation for it. I wish the whales would use their power to deal with the worst abuse. The non-posting big accounts could do this with no threat of revenge.

If anyone just wants to try out some flags then start with @crystalliu who has loads of junk posts with paid votes, but hardly any voting power. Work your way up from there.

aggroed runs multiple bid bots = flag aggroed?

No why. Just the bidbots. If we keep flagging them people will stop using them because they loose so much money

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Why flag just the bidbots when you can also flag the operator of the bidbot? If you want them shut down seems like the people to flag would be the owners.

Then there will be another owner. Not effective. However flagging the bidbot will make people stop using them. Effective.

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ok so we need to flag steemmonsters posts since they are now a bidbot

Why are they a bidbot?

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despite promising upvotes as rewards for tournaments since the founding of the game. they decided to use steemmonsters sp to upvote accounts that pay for the upvote using dark energy crystals, thus they turned into a bidbot. Just one of the many ways aggroed has deceived investors of steemmonsters and diminished the future value of the platform.

Every Flag is:

The worst flag offenders: opinion flagging

Every flag is opinion flagging. there are very few cases outside of blatant plagiarism that is not OPINION based when a flag is given.

Flagging because of Bid Bot use is opinion flagging, flagging because a post is over valued is opinion flagging.

Flagging does not work and is a broken system. A person that buys beer because it is legal to buy should not have to confront a horde of Anti DWI mothers when they come out of the liquor store. Buying beer is legal, just like buying votes from people that want to sell them.

If people are so concerned over the payout of post, then fix the downvote system.

  1. Require a choice when deciding to down vote
    a. Poster
    b. Voter

  2. If poster is chosen then a comment MUST be left as to why the post was down voted. This simple act would slow the vigilante style down voting,

  3. If the voter is chosen, then the destruction of Steemit reputation is done to the voter that gave the highest vote amount.

If you do not like bid bots then down vote the bot not the person that choice to exercise their freedom of choice. They chose to partake in an operation that is legal on steemit. No different than choosing to drink a beer.

You realize downvotes are legal?

You going to summon the mighty and angry smidge.

You realize I did not say they were not???? That I understand the down vote system, and that according to the FAQ on steemit "Users are allowed to downvote for any reason that they want."

Down votes Flag button:

Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible.
Common reasons:

  • Disagreement on rewards
  • Fraud or plagiarism
  • Hate speech or trolling
  • Miscategorized content or spam

The down vote system is broken and has never worked the way some people envision it to work.

You and I hope other reading your post, do understand that buying of votes is a standard practice among many people on steem block chain, and unless people are able to have an effect on the sellers there is always going to be people selling their vote. Once again almost all down votes are because of Opinion and has nothing to do with decreasing or returning rewards to the reward pool.

All the free down votes are going to do is allow for people to have more opinionated down voting.

How you came to the conclusion that I did not think that downvoting was legal, from my comment is far beyond my ability to imagine.

As a common practice I leave a note or image explaining the downvote if it hasn't been explained already. I feel it's just as important to the OP as it is to the casual onlooker.

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I completely agree with you on this one, @bashadow.

Every flag is opinion flagging. there are very few cases outside of blatant plagiarism that is not OPINION based when a flag is given.

Except when something is clearly plagiarism, who am I to decided whether a post deserves the rewards it gets. Whether or not something is quality content is subjective.

who am I to decided whether a post deserves the rewards it gets.

That's the whole point of the platform. YOU decide.

disagreement over rewards: Do you see a circle jerk playing out? Maybe you'd like to see it get fewer rewards and disincentivize the behavior that's ok.

Top three retorts I've seen from flagging:

  • But I deserve my rewards and I'm entitled to them! (Entitled babies, don't understand the concept of a reward pool)
  • Hey, I paid for these rewards, how dare you downvote me! No really, the fact I overpaid for them is your problem! (This excuse is just as stupid as it looks)
  • You are stealing from me and giving to someone else specific. (This one is stupid beyond words)

The unintended consequences of this best laid plan could be massive.

Despising horrid spelling and grammar, and the casual use of the F word as I do, I will now have a weapon to use against my pet peeve. Beware you potty mouthed abusers of the English language.

there's not a lot of reason to hold steem power now since authors make all the money. Given more incentive to hodlers should help that. Then when you do earn it's more valuable.

Idc bout money.

I care about bernie. He must have been really hurt. I'm in a state of concern. Our leader has to recover!


I love that one! And I asked you :)

Yes, you did.
It's my meme and I need credit now!

Nah, I'm just glad that you liked it.
Feel free to use any of them.

Greetings, @luegenbaron! This comment is part of the SteemFlagRewards Counterflag Healing program. You are set to receive 100% beneficiary rewards on this comment. If you would like to support this initiative, please consider a delegation to @neutralizer, @randohealer, or the @steemflagrewards main account. Thank you for flagging abuse!

Quick Delegation Links

50 SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP

If I see an SFR user getting vindictively flagged on genuine content / engagement, this is usually what I'll do.

Intention was to make this work in a more automated fashion especially those counterflagged for an SFR flag mention.

We gotta think outside the box to keep up.

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We also need to educate people! :)

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I am sure this system will work out very well given human beings nearness to divine perfection in all they do.

I really don't think this will fan out like they are hoping. Smaller accounts will continue to see the abuse allowed by the larger accounts, if the larger accounts that are honestly working the platform start to flag other large account abusers then it may actually work but otherwise smaller accounts aren't going to come to the rescue of the corporate heads by flagging other small accounts as long as the larger accounts will get away with abusing. Most things in life are a two way road, that ends when people run into dead ends.

True curation is really valuable! Which is why i'm surprised to see much support given to bid bots that undermine the PoB concept.

I flag, what i think it need it, but not posts, i "just" do not like. This ones i do ignore. I like Flagging with brain and i flag myself, too. :-) Most people are scared about flagging. I am not. :-)
I am scared from big Account´s, who get lists and bots for flagging a account in the nowhere.
Just my 0,002 Steem

Steem On!

You KNOW how skeptical I am on the new Flagging and the HF21 going forward, but these two posts have been great.

Well done.

i will not opinion flag but flag opinion flaggers, phew :-)

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i flagged swoop. he asked me to. he prolly deserved it as well.

I'm going to flag all the biggest pricks on the blockchain, multiple times and say that @aggroed told me to do it. See how they react and how long it takes them to zero everything you have over the past week. :D

I'll start a timer.

Thanks for a thoughtful post @aggroed. Personally, I find the value of good flagging is outweighed by the revenge and opinion flagging. Flagging doesn't remove doxxing or a physical threat for example. It merely reduces the steem reward—but such posts aren't necessarily posted to the chain for that reward per se.

I'd be just as happy with steem if it had no flagging mechanism. I feel capable of ignoring things I don't want to see without imposing/suggesting my opinion as to whether anyone else should choose to see it or not.

I've also got very little skin in that game. So far as I recall I've never cast a flag/downvote—if I did it was inadvertent. And I'm rarely down voted .

Well, until now that is—maybe ;)

Thanks, again, for sharing your view.

😂 This will be hilarious! Love that term 'tabaco science'!

Very cool future news Sir😁👍

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I chosen the intermediate one...it's a safe way to practice on friend's post 😁

let's flag the flagging accounts, and the pseudo-cleanners accounts that only because they have 100 sp scare the new ones instead of educating them.

Highly rEsteemed!

@aggroed, In my opinion it's always important to share experiences of False Flags because in this way we can make this Community more strong and we can add more strength to healthy environment.

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I wanted to flag 🚩🏳️‍🌈🇦🇮🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸this post but I just couldn't mate!
It's just too damn good and well executed!
Bravo my friend, Bravo!
DC 🎼

Good advice. Loved your "fictional" example. The assignments gave me a good LOL.

I really like the intermediate assignment :)

I kinda hate flagging because some people target innocent bloggers who are doing nothing wrong and just wanna share their content with a little reward.

My solution:

And, the reason I implemented that solution:


Tell me you're upset that I downdooted you LOL